Friday, December 30, 2016

NOTD: Charming dark stars

While Christmas is a time for happy colors, I think New Years and all the celebrations after seem to me a time when all the outfits and trends must be a bit more dark and glam. And that is one of my favorite trends. So I embraced that and created these nails :)

Also since fireworks are being seen where I am from, since mid December to late January I just had to bring stars in forefront. The skies are full of them and at the same time the falling fireworks look like comets, therefore I choose stars as my main theme. And I am in love with these! I mean just look at them! Don't the endless layers of dark colors, metallics and stars bring a certain dark charm in play? <3 

For this look I used S-he stylezone no. 340 and Catrice Metallicious as base. The stamps are made with Essence stamp me! black and Models own Gold chrome nail polishes. The stamping plates I used HWH-05, Lily Anna 07 and MoYou London Rockstar 01. Also I added a huge star stud

To find some make up tutorials that match this manicure, visit the page Glam - express and find a tutorial that will inspire you :)


Tuesday, December 27, 2016

TUTORIAL: Glitter Christmas tree decoration

Christmas decoration is a classic staple in most homes and why not make them part of your nail art as well? We keep our decorations longer and longer each year, so wear these proud even deep into January since the festive time comes only once in a year. Let me show you how to make these cute Christmas ball decorations. 

I used a lot of different nail polishes to create the look since I wanted to make a colorful statement. The base nail polish is China glaze Red-y to rave and over it I added the glittery LA Girl Animate. The balls are made with Catrice Forevergreen, PLUMdog millionare and Kiko Gold, Lavender, also Misslyn Mojito. You will also need a normal round pencil, a very thin brush, a dotting tool and some gold studs, preferably in a hollow triangle shape. 

Step 1: Apply the base jelly polish.
Step 2: Apply the glitter nail polish to make everything more festive.
Step 3: Create lines with a thin brush and the gold nail polish.
Step 4: Make the circles that will be the base. The best way to do this is to use a normal round pencil with a flat bottom and use it as an oversized dotting tool.
Step 5: Apply the gold round stud over where the gold line and the ball meet.
Step 6: Apply the gold triangle studs on each side of the round stud so it forms a little bow.
Step 7: Add a few dots of the corresponding colors to give the spheres some depth.

And there you have it! A very simple way to make this cute manicure and you don't even need any fancy nail art tools for it. So I hope you enjoyed this :)

For tutorials like this one and many more visit the page Glam - Express.


Mont Bleu Swarovski glass nail file review

Once more I have to share with you all a review of the most amazing and glamorous Mont Bleu crystal glass nail files. If you haven't seen my 1st post about it, there is still time to see it HERE. Guys I even got an amazing Aquarius file! #blessed :)

But today we are being a lot more fancy then usual - I have the pleasure to review Swarowski glass nail files. Can't you just smell the glamour? How pretty is the combination of matte blacks & whites, sprinkled with the shimmer of crystals? 

Here is the close up of the crystal design on top. The files come in 3 sizes, each with its own velvet sleeve that keeps them safe. They are hyper hygienic and simple to clean up. Which is important if you share your files or work in a nail salon. They come in 12 different color combinations, and just as many other combinations of crystals - there is almost an endless supply of designs. And since it is the festive time of the year - they even offer any type of costume made design. So why not print the logo of the place you work with and give them as gifts to your friends, family or clients? 

If you feel like reading more about the benefits of Crystal glass files visit my old post HERE. It is a short and concise read about all the good sites of these files that changed my nail art game! I am never going back to any other file. 

At the same time I decided to try them on fake nails. We all know that accidents (aka nail breaks) still happen and sometime you just gotta fake it until you make it. I must say they are not so effective on fake nails. The amount of work you need to put in filing fakes is exhausting. So I recommend to use them only on natural nails. But I think that is very logical since the appeal of them is to help you work with your nail edges, therefore helping with your nail problems. 

Prague the center of Czech republic was since always a focus point of glass artisans and now they must become the crystal glass nail files kings of the World!!! I just can't believe I was missing out on this for so long <3
Visit their online stores -

When you are there feel free to use the 20% off CUPON CODE named BLOG. (usable only on their E-Shop)

Also follow them on their social media - where you can see all their inspirational updates where they feature a lot of their unique items -

*the items were sent to me for my honest review*


Saturday, December 24, 2016

NOTD: Can we open the Presents now?

I love presents, gifts or any little thing that is given to me! So this time of the year is very exciting for me! I can't explain why but I was since always like this. So here is the nail art I will be wearing when it is time to rip open all lovely presents that will end in my claws :)

Once more I wanted to evade the classic winter color scheme - but I choose to stick with the traditional fire engine red and I added a dark maroon brown since I thought it would make a nice partner for the red. And I was right! I created a nice little bow design and a beautiful opulent pattern that reminds me of very fancy wrapping paper.

For this manicure I used Catrice Fleur de Soir and Zoya Linds as base. The stamps are made with Mundo de Unas Red, the plates I used are MoYou nails 402 and BP-40. The gold studs are from BPS.

Visit Glam - express for more festive and Winter inspired beauty posts from ladies that create from all over the world. 


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

NOTD: Dancing X-mas

For this manicure I just wanted to show you all that not all manicures in this time of the year need to be a combination of red, green and white. I want to show you if you remove 1 of the classic colors, and keep the same patterns you can still create a magical feel of the festive season on your nails. 

Like I said before red, white and green are all over the place. Therefore I swapped red with purple. Also I added a nude. All the polishes feature glitters - with them all I made a simple gradient. Which on its own looks so pretty. Then I choose some reindeer and snowflake stamps to add over. I opted on some white stamping polish, so you can see even more that the seasonal effect can be recreated over and over again. I choose these patterns since they seem like they both are dancing - the running reindeer and the falling snowflake. 

For this manicure I used LA Girl Purple effect, Teal dimension and OPI DS Classic for the gradient. The stamps are made with Essence stamp me! white and MoYoU London Festive 34 stamping plate. 

If you want more classic or unusual ideas for beauty looks in Winter visit the site Glam - Express.


TUTORIAL: Nordic fashion

We all love the cute winter sweaters that keep us warm in the upcoming months. They usually come in all types of colors, but I decided to make a nail art inspired by them coated in dark colors that are my favorite. At the same time I added a few elements to it that will make your nails if you choose to recreate them stand out in a very unexpected way :)

For this manicure you need a dark red nail polish, which is iconic for this time of the year, I choose Zoya  Courtney. I also used 2 stamping polishes - Essence Stamp me! black and Ya Qin an Grey. The stamping plates I used are BM-416 for the Nordic pattern and BP-43 for the glam pattern that gives the manicure some extra dimension. The other 2 nail art supplies I used are small gold studs and the 'broken glass foil', I got them both from BornPretty Store. 

Step 1: Apply base nail polish.
Step 2: Cut apart the 'glass foil' in any pattern you choose. I decided for the classic 'broken glass' pattern. Just apply some top coat and add the pieces on top.
Step 3: Do that on all the nails. I know it seems hard, but it is very simple to do once you started.
Step 4: Apply the black nail stamps that give your sweater another extra level.
Step 5: Apply the light colored Nordic patterns on top. Now the manicure looks a lot more in season.
Step 6: Apply the little golden studs on the edges. Before that clean up all your cuticles and add a lot of top coat to smooth out the nails. All the layers make the nails very uneven, so a top coat is a must! 

Now here we have a Nordic pattern inspired nails,with 2 extra layers that make them seem beyond magic. Can you see the shimmering blue glass pieces on the bottom? <3

Also can you see the black swirls over the glass particles? I mean have you seen a more mystical Nordic sweater? :)

For more inspiration that deals with make up or nail art world visit Glam - Express, a place full of work from beauty bloggers all over the world, 


Monday, December 12, 2016

TUTORIAL: Abstract Christmas tree

The Christmas season is almost upon us and I wanted to show you all how to make very simple nail art that is very festive and incredibly effortless to make. Here is what I came up with and you can believe me, to recreate it will be a breeze. 

What you need for this manicure is a stunning glitter green base nail polish, I choose Zoya Merida. Also a green metallic nail polish for the accents, I used Kiko Lawn green. I also used Seche Vite top coat as the sealing agent that glues all the studs on my nails. I used simple colorful round nail studs that represent the tree decorations. And since every X-mas tree needs a big shining star on top I used gold star studs for that, I got them both from BornPretty Store. Don't forget some sticky tape to control the brushing part of the nail art. 

Here you can see how I applied the sticky tape. I added it only on one half of the nail. After I was done with that half, I removed it and then applied it to the other half. I naturally applied some top coat in between it, with that I ensured that the existing nail art didn't get destroyed by the sticky tape. 

Step 1: Apply the base nail polish.
Step 2: Apply the sticky tape on one half of the nail. Than with the classic brush stroke technique (I posted the tutorial to it a million time here) make strokes that start from your nail edge that ends at the beginning of the tape.
Step 3: Do the same on the other side of the nails. As said before add some top coat in between steps so the nail art already created does not smudge. 
Step 4: Apply the nail studs. I choose to make a rainbow line in the middle, crowned with a star. Feel free to apply them randomly as the real tree decorations are. Don't forget a generous top coat or gel top coat, to keep all the studs in place. 

I love how these turned out! They are simple, classic and effortless to make. And not too colorful - a great manicure to wear in the Winter season without it being to gaudy. 

Don't forget to visit Glam - Express, which is a great spot to find all kids of festive beauty posts. 


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

My nail care routine

I wanted to show you my nail care routine and the items I use. Since recently my nails did a 100% recovery from the pile of garbage that they were only half a year ago. Therefore I compiled all the items that I think helped me a lot to achieve the amazing results. And at the same time it is a nice list to give to your significant others and tell them to bring it all home as a nice x-mas gift to any of you who take nails seriously. 

Here you can see the items from Left to Right:
Jessica Phenom Top coat, Alessandro Express nail hardner, Essence Color and care, Jessica Phenomen oil, L'Occitane Hand cream, Alssandro Nail cream and Mont Bleu Crystal glass nail file. 

First of all here are the items I don't use all the time. The crystal nail file I only use when it is time to shape up my nails. And the benefit of glass files is that they help you seal your nail edges so they don't peel as much (which was always my biggest problem) More about it read in my review HERE
The other item here is the Jessica Phenom Oil that I used once a week. It is meant to be an intensive moisturizer that you add on the edges and cuticles of your nails. Which is important if you do a lot of nail art and clean up that dries up your edges which results in your nails being more brittle. 
Add this to your nails once a week over night and soon you will see stronger nails as a result. 

Here are the 2 hand creams I use. The L'Occitane 20% She butter hand cream is a classic staple that every manicure monster needs in her arsenal. It is a thick cream that helps with the moisture and regeneration of your hands. More about it you can read in my review HERE
The other item is Alessandro Cucumber & Melon nail cream. It is a limited edition cuticle moisturizer that I apply during manicures sometimes when I just don't have the time for the Oil treatment or I want to boost my nails in between manicures. The fresh smell and simple small packaging makes it a great companion for every day or travels abroad.

Lastly this are the polishes I use as part of my nail care routine. Firstly there is Alessandro Express nail hardener that I use as a base coat. This little guy changed my life! In combination with my Mont Bleu crystal glass nail files it made my nails indestructible. As a girl who always struggled with broken nails this is a pure miracle. If you want to read more about it please check out my full review about this magical nail hardener HERE

In the middle you can see Essence Color & Care strengthening nail polish. Mine is part of a limited edition, but they made it pafrt of their regualr line now, so anyone can get it. It is a great simple & cheap way to help your nail hardener boots its effect while getting a nice pastel green nail polish (they come in many different colors). I like this item, but it is not as effective as the Alessandro nail hardener. 

Lastly here is Jessica Final shine Phenom top coat. It is a great way to end your nail care routine, since most top coats don't work in a way that they would benefit your nails. But Jessica are kind enough to make one that helps not only to fixate the nail art but it also helps your nails recover from it all. 

I hope you enjoyed this post - I think it is important to share with you all the 'behind the scenes' from all the nail art :) Feel free to visit Glam - express if you want to see more of posts like this, or maybe just nail art :) 


Friday, December 2, 2016

NOTD: Iluminati

All over the World and Social media you can only find only 2 themes now - Holiday cheer or Crazy political conspiracy themes that make people go mad. Since I already did and will make a lot more of Christmas manicures, I decided to make a weird one just to remind you all of the crazy world out there that is hidden under the layer of snow and X-mas trees ;)

I am just kidding - I just discovered I have a bunch of eye shaped stamping plates and I just finished re-reading Dan Browns book Angels & Demons - so why not make Iluminati art? There is still plenty of time to make more Holiday nails - and trust me I am overflowing with ideas :) 

For this manicure I used Golden Rose 101 nude base polish. The stamps are all decals made with Essence stamp me! black. I painted them in with Essence Wild white ways and Trend it up 210. The stamping plates I used are BP-39, BM-S307, BM-S303 and Cici & Sisi Geometry 01. At the end I added a big turquoise marble stud to give it some dimension. 

If you are bored with all the Festive beauty posts, visit Glam - express which is a place full of beauty posts that are not all about X-Mas. 

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