Sunday, November 27, 2016

TUTORIAL: Pastel snowfall nails

You are so not on point! Pastels are only from Spring time ... I disagree! Here let me show you how to wear pastels on your nails in the Winter time and make it seem like that is where they belong :) 

For this manicure you need a good white base polish, I choose Essence Wild white ways. 3 different pastels - Catrice Lilactric, Peach love & harmony, Zoya Rayne. Also a fun stamping plate with snowflakes, I choose QA86 and a pastel pink stamping polish BPS Pink. I also choose some simple white round studs

Step 1: Apply white base nail polish.
Step 2: Apply your 1st pastel polish. I used the dry brush technique - you can use the brush in the polish or a extra one. All you need to do it to drain it of all the polish and then gently brush it over the nail. Even if you think all the polish is gone there is always a bit more left so you can make a nice streak.
Step 3: Apply the 2nd polish, it is best to not make all the lines in the same spots so the nail art gets some dynamic in it. Also the white base gives the pastels some extra life. 
Step 4: Apply the 3rd polish.
Step 5: Apply the bright pink stamps of snowflakes. I like how they blend into the background.
Step 6: Clean up the edges of your nails. Also add the small white round studs in the center of each snowflake to make it seem like they are falling.

And here is the end result. I like how low key and simple they look from far away - but when you come closer you realize all the intricate details inside. 

Are you ready for winter? I must admit I already miss the Summer sunshine :)

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