Sunday, November 20, 2016

Movember - AXE Anti - Hangover shower gel review

It is Movember time! And time to celebrate all the 'mens' in our life. I wanted to create a post featuring a some type of beard or mustache beauty product - but that wouldn't make sense. My BF doesn't have a beard or mustache, nor do I *I am working on it thou* 
So that wouldn't make sense, since I can't review those. But I can review this AXE Anti-Hangover shower gel, that I got my man the one time he sent me to the store to buy him a shower gel. And I just had to take it home with me. 

I must admit if I run out of my shower gel I use his since this thing smells amazing! I have no idea what anti-hangover wake up smells like ... but I can tell you it is unisex :) 
It smells very neutral and fresh. It has hints of menthol and lime but with a slight musk. It is amazing to use since it does kind off keep you up a bit with the fresh feeling it leaves on your skin. At the same time that feeling and crisp smell stays with you for quite some time. Just the pick me up someone needs after a night partying. 

I love the color of the gel - neon green <3 I must admit I don't like the sticker you see above. It feels like only single guys are supposed to use this - and what do the normals guys supposed to use? The ones who don't need 3 new girlfriends . . . But I think I am the only one who thinks that since all the AXE commercials are like that :) 

In conclusion this shower gel is amazing!  A great gift if you are looking for something fun to give to your man. Also a great back up shower gel for you ;)


*this item was purchased by me*

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