Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mont Bleu glass files review

Ladies hold on to your hats - this post will change your world! Because it did mine! 
I was blessed with the option to try out the magical Mont Bleu glass files and they are amazing! I literally don't use any others anymore - which sucks since I hoard files like crazy. But I am never going back to any other type of files. 

Below you can see the 2 files that are my newest go - to items that I use when it is time for a quick fix or a shape up. And yes they all look so glam and fancy! <3

So what is the point of glass files anyways? Until now I thought they are only a fancy marketing strategy - but now I know better. Before I used the classic cardboard files and I hated them, since they seem inefficient and they wore out so fast. 

These here are Czechs crystal glass nail files, that work amazing - and are perfect for anyone who has nails like mine, that are prone to peeling in layers. When you use the file, you make only one way motion, so you close off the edge of your nail. Therefore the chipping and peeling doesn't happen as much. Which is the problem that is created with both ways filing that is the technique used with classic files. 

Another bonus is they are durable! I can't express how happy the fact that, they are reusable makes me! All you need to do is to rinse it off with some hot water, maybe even use some sensitizer or UV light to clean it, and you are good to go. Meaning they are amazing for any nail salon that works with natural nails. 

Here you can see the 'big boy' black gradient nail file named the Glass foot file that I used the most. I could even choose the gradient colors and everything! The folks at Mont Bleu are so kind, they can make any type of costume made designs you would like. This one here has 2 different coarsens, so you can even use it for shaping and smoothing out the edges. They are described as files meant for foot calluses, but I just can't bring myself to use it on my feet, since I love it so much <3

As you can see my natural nails are loving the files. They were never so long or healthy, they always broke off or peeled in layers. This relay changed my nail game <3 

This is my beloved Aquarius glass crystal nail file from their Zodiac line. How lucky I am to be gifted this file with my sign on it? Can you see the adorable little sea king on top? They come in 3 sizes and are topped with Swarowski crystals. The perfect Christmas gift for any of your manicure loving friends. The file comes in a nice velvet sleeve (like the 'big boy' one) which makes it safe. Also it is 13,5 cm in size, which is a nice classic size that makes it a great travel companion.

Like the other one it is created with tampered glass, that makes is very durable, and honestly I was constantly afraid I might break it. But when you see how thick they are, with the added protection of the velvet sleeve and careful usage you can see that there is no worry to break them.

Prague the center of Czech republic was since always a focus point of glass artisans and now they must become the crystal glass nail files kings of the World!!! I just can't believe I was missing out on this for so long <3
Visit their online stores -

When you are there feel free to use the 20% off CUPON CODE named BLOG. (usable only on their E-Shop)

Also follow them on their social media - where you can see all their inspirational updates where they feature a lot of their unique items -

*the items were sent to me for my honest review*



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