Sunday, November 13, 2016

Alessandro Nail products review

Perhaps you have noticed that recently my posts feature my natural stiletto nails. OMG!!! I can't believe this day has come! I have my natural nails in the shape I love. And all thanks to the amazing Alessandro Nail harder that literally changed my life! I am so excited to tell you all about this <3 

Alessandro is a bit more high end brand than I am used to purchasing, but trust me they are so worth it! All my life I had brittle nails, that shed of their layers on the tips and then broke off when they had a bad day. I also damaged them with using a lot of fake nails, since I always wanted to achieve the pretty stiletto shape. 

Then I decided to try the Alessandro Express nail hardner and I was hooked! I started using it as my go - to base coat. And after a few weeks I noticed that my nails didn't break in quite some time! I filed them into micro stilettos and than keep shaping them into the shape you see now. 

Now a days they are stronger than ever! They don't break! They bend under any extra pressure but they stay put. Also all the problems with layering are gone. And for the 1st time ever in my life I need to file down my nails to make them shorter (that usually happened on its own, since my nails broke all the time!). 

The express nail hardner promises that they will fix your nails in 4 weeks - and it worked even faster for me! And no - I didn't change anything else in my life (like diet or lifestyle). The polish is sheer so it works great as a base coat. I even try to file off a very thing layer of my top nail to get the hardner absorbed even faster. I can't say anything bad about this product - and I would recommend it to anyone who is battling brittle and weak nails! 

I was fortunate enough to get the Alessandro Pretty Ballerina nail polish, after I talker the ear off a nice promotional lady. I swear to god I tell to every nail blogger or enthusiast I meet about it. 

But lets get to the nail polish below! Pretty Ballerina is a very romantic pastel pink, It is one of those soft jelly polishes that require 4 coats to be vaguely opaque, I don't know, it is just not my color. But who cares I proudly wear it since Alessandro just can't do anything wrong in my mind <3 

Both of the polishes come in 10ml bottles, with easy to work with flat brushes that make application very simple, even if you work with streaky jelly colors. 

If you want to know more about this brand visit their other media outlets to find where they sell them near you so they can change your life as well :)

And for all my Slovenian readers if you want to see all that Alessandro has to offer visit the web store


*one item was given to me as a gift, the other was purchased by me*

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  1. Its great to hear this product helped your nails so much that your able to get your this stiletto nail shape.


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