Friday, October 7, 2016

TUTORIAL: Cute but spooky Halloween pumpkins

Well most blogs are filling up on creepy and spooky nail art, but I decided to got the cute and adorable way. Not everyone wants blood and gross spiders on their nails at this time of the year. So I came up with this mani.

At the same time I wanted to show you there is a fun way to incorporate glitter into a Halloween manicure. Also we all know that free hand drawing perfect circles is very difficult, so why not combine a bunch of dots and colors to give your pumpkin some dimension? 

Since this manicure thrives on opposing shades I used a traditional Tedi Black for the base. The rest are a bunch of orange shades to make the pumpkins. I used Catrice Love, peach & harmony, China glaze Home sweet house music, Avon Orange you carry and Zoya Beatrix. I also used Essence stamp me white to make the base. Since I was to lazy to free hand draw pumpkin faces I used the BM-S204 plate. I also couldn't find my dotting tool, so I just used my bobby pin

Step 1: Apply the black base nail polish.
Step 2: Make the white circles as big as you want your pumpkin to be. The point is to use the most opaque white polish you have, so it covers the black base and it gives the orange design a nice glow.
Step 3: Start making random dots with the darkest polish you choose.
Step 4: Make the 2nd round of dots. Their size doesn't matter.
Step 5: Make even more dots on the left over empty spots.
Step 6: Make the glitter dots at the end. I applied them over the rest of the polish since I think glitter is just not used enough in this time of the year :)
Step 7: Stamp on the pumpkin faces or free hand draw them. Don't forget a lot of top coat since dots tend to dry a bit bumpy.

And there you have it! A simple but fun to make Halloween nail art that is appropriate even kid friendly :)

For more Halloween nails or Make up ideas visit Glam - express and discover more! 



  1. Looks great and the tutorial was very helpful to see.

  2. I love it!! ^_^ Especially the cyclops one.


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