Saturday, October 15, 2016

NOTD: Classic Halloween nails

Most ladies don't wear black or very dark nails during the year. So they choose the Fall and the Halloween season to wear them. Since I wear them all year round, it is a bit hard for me to create 'classic Halloween' nails. But I dug deep and made these - they started as classic in design but I decided to make them in a way to show you how to use colors in looks like these. 

I just love how this turned out! Especially the magical silver moon just looking over the sad tree. I did the classic black to dark grey gradient, but I didn't wanna to use the tombstone stamps that everyone uses now a days. I just added some bats and scary trees that look like they are growing from the darkness. But after using the moon stamp I was so happy to see how good a pop of colors looks - I added some more of it. So there you have a gothic red cross and some happy Jack-o-Lanterns.

As base I used Essence I'm the boss! and some Tedi black to make a micro gradient. Then I stamped with Essence stamp me! black to create the bats and the trees, with HD01 and MoYou London Gothic 5 plate. The stamps in the backdrop are made with the same plates and an extra BM-S205. The stamping polishes are Ya qin ann 21, BPS Red and Star gazer 232

For more glam & gore visit Glam - express , also there is an amazing Halloween beauty challenge happening if you are up to the task! 



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