Monday, October 10, 2016

NOTD: Be my Valentine for Halloween

Halloween is not a very romantic holiday. But why not make it that? Lets just take something simple like white lace over some nude polish. Add some blood and there you have it! Horror romance just on time :)

In case you are wondering how to create these blood drips you can check out my old ICICLE TUTORIAL , it is just like that only with color instead of glitters. And if you can't wrap your brain around that, then just google it since a tutorial on how to make blood tipped nail tips was made a million time by more talented bloggers than me ;)

For this mani I used Essence Crew first as base. The lace is made with Essence stamp me! white nail polish and MoYou Nails 401 plate. The blood is free hand drawn with OPI Coca - cola red.

For more glam & gore visit Glam - express , also there is an amazing Halloween beauty challenge happening if you are up to the task! 


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