Friday, October 7, 2016

31DC2016: Day 31 - Honor nails you love

It is time to honor the nail art of someone that inspires you and for me that is a nail artist I found on IG named @WonderfulWolf

She does great nail art mosty inspired by Pokemon and they just enchanted my soul. So I decided to do something fun that could easily be found on her IG feed. It took some time to make them, but I love how these turned out <3 

It is no secret that I am a Pokemon fan since the beginning of the game/anime. And recently my passion for it got refired with the launch of the Pokemon Go app. So I decided to make nail art that connects the 1st generation of pokemon with the newest one and below you can see the two I choose to recreate. 

I choose one of my all time favorite 1st generation Pokemon named Vulpix and it's new reincarnation that will be introduced in the newst Pokemon game. 

For this manicure I used Color club Kismet and Harp on it as base. The colors I used to paint the Aloal Vulpix were OPI Alpine snow, Essence Fall for me, Catrice It's all I can blue and Barry M Blueberry. The original Vulpix was colored in with Catrice  The monkey gets funky, Brit chic, Julep Lexie and Essie Chinhilly.  

In case you don't believe it - I even have a Vulpix toy I got from McDonald's when they had them in Happy Meals :) 

So if you are a Pokemon fan, or you like your nail art a bit more nerdy head on over to @WonderfulWolf on Instagram and show her some love :)



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