Friday, October 28, 2016

NOTD: Day after Halloween

So day after the Halloween is followed by Day of the Dead, its fun and colorful sister. Also the time to binge eat all the candy you got from Trick or treating. So I decided to get inspired by those 2 things while attempting to make a look that is not so dark and gloomy like most Halloween looks. And at the same time I wanted to avoid making the classic Day of the dead Sugar skulls. 

At the same time I know a lot of us like to party really hard on Halloween eve, which means we have no energy to make new nails on the next day. So I decided to create a manicure that looks stunning and impressive but at the same time it is incredibly easy to do! And what is easier to use than water decals and nail stickers. 

As base I used OPI Alpine snow and Essence English rose, white for the nails with the decals to make the skulls pop and pink for the invisible base under the caviar beads sticker. The water decals are from BPS and the bead stickers are from and old Essence Limited edition inspired by Ice cream

If you are recuperating from the Halloween parties or just binge eating all the sweets, don't forget to visit Glam - express to see how all the beauty bloggers there celebrated this fun time of the year.


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Romeo & Juliette For Halloween nails

Recently I was wearing my Romeo & Juliette nails - that are sad but cute. I made a girl and a boy ghosts, with 2 zombie bunnies on each side. On two different backgrounds, literally the Halloween version of the classic Shakespeare story :) 

I like how they turned out! So cute and scary <3 

 For the manicure I used OPI I manicure for beads and OPI Crwafishing for a compliment as base. The black smudges are made with Essence stamp me black. The stamping polishes I used are Mundo de Unas Red, Blue and Teal. The ghosts are made with Essence Stamp me white. The stamping plates I used are MoYou London Sci fi 1, HD01 and hehe 014.

Do you like cute Halloween manis?


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

TUTORIAL: Simple Black and white nails

I know DIY crafts are all the rage now! Therefore I decided to create a manicure that incorporates that trend. I know they maybe don't look like much, but why not wear simple nails that you did all on your own? Sometimes less is more, and a classic black and white combination is exactly that :)

For this manicure you need a white base nail polish - I choose OPI Alpine snow. For the black details I created a black jelly nail polish. Which means I mixed a lot of sheer top coat polish with a black nail polish. Which resulted into a very sheer black shade. You will also need some 'chevron' or 'criss - cross' scissors. Or any other craft scissors that have a fun pattern down the blade.  The support cast here consists of a plastic paper sleeve and a top coat that is a bit on the runny side.

Get started after you created your own polish. You can make them in any shade you want, I recommend you make them since the odds of buying one with the formula made just the way you want it are pretty slim.
Than it is time to make little blobs of polish on your plastic sleeve. Make a few since you will need a few layers of them when they are cut apart. They have to be completely dry before you start cutting them apart. As you can see from the picture below make them in at least 2 different sizes so the coverage of the nail will be sufficient. 

Step 1: Apply base coat.
Step 2: Apply a slow drying top coat and the 1st layer of the cut apart sheer black polish. Try using the ones that are so big they cover up most of the nail.
Step 3: Apply the 2nd coat of the chevron particles in the same way as you did the 1st layer. 
Step 4: Apply the last coat of top coat nail polish and clean up the edges. If the layers didn't dry very smooth apply a gel top coat to smooth them out. 

And there you have it! The finished nails! And don't they look chic! <3

And if you are not feeling the 2 layers, feel free to make more with any color you like :)

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

NOTD: Classic Halloween nails

Most ladies don't wear black or very dark nails during the year. So they choose the Fall and the Halloween season to wear them. Since I wear them all year round, it is a bit hard for me to create 'classic Halloween' nails. But I dug deep and made these - they started as classic in design but I decided to make them in a way to show you how to use colors in looks like these. 

I just love how this turned out! Especially the magical silver moon just looking over the sad tree. I did the classic black to dark grey gradient, but I didn't wanna to use the tombstone stamps that everyone uses now a days. I just added some bats and scary trees that look like they are growing from the darkness. But after using the moon stamp I was so happy to see how good a pop of colors looks - I added some more of it. So there you have a gothic red cross and some happy Jack-o-Lanterns.

As base I used Essence I'm the boss! and some Tedi black to make a micro gradient. Then I stamped with Essence stamp me! black to create the bats and the trees, with HD01 and MoYou London Gothic 5 plate. The stamps in the backdrop are made with the same plates and an extra BM-S205. The stamping polishes are Ya qin ann 21, BPS Red and Star gazer 232

For more glam & gore visit Glam - express , also there is an amazing Halloween beauty challenge happening if you are up to the task! 


Monday, October 10, 2016

NOTD: Be my Valentine for Halloween

Halloween is not a very romantic holiday. But why not make it that? Lets just take something simple like white lace over some nude polish. Add some blood and there you have it! Horror romance just on time :)

In case you are wondering how to create these blood drips you can check out my old ICICLE TUTORIAL , it is just like that only with color instead of glitters. And if you can't wrap your brain around that, then just google it since a tutorial on how to make blood tipped nail tips was made a million time by more talented bloggers than me ;)

For this mani I used Essence Crew first as base. The lace is made with Essence stamp me! white nail polish and MoYou Nails 401 plate. The blood is free hand drawn with OPI Coca - cola red.

For more glam & gore visit Glam - express , also there is an amazing Halloween beauty challenge happening if you are up to the task! 


NOTD: Dark Feathers

Fall always has me in a mood - I miss the hot Summer days! So fine! Let's make some nails inspired by my emotions - but lets make it sparkle or they will turn out way to dark :)

I decided to play off the colors I found in the glitter polish from Femme Fatale. I found a bunch of matching crystals. I also wanted to use my new feather stamps that seem appropriate since the same polish reminds me of Falcon birds. And why not crown it all with an amazing feather stud? 

I was in quite the mood when I started making these nails, but now I feel better since they turned out so gorgeous! What do you think? Does nail art ever serve as therapy for you? 

For this manicure I used Golden rose 65 and Femme fatale Darkmoon fortune as base. The stamps are made with Kiko Taupe and ND003 stamping plate. All the studs are from BornPretty store

For more beauty therapy visit Glam - express :)


Friday, October 7, 2016

TUTORIAL: Cute but spooky Halloween pumpkins

Well most blogs are filling up on creepy and spooky nail art, but I decided to got the cute and adorable way. Not everyone wants blood and gross spiders on their nails at this time of the year. So I came up with this mani.

At the same time I wanted to show you there is a fun way to incorporate glitter into a Halloween manicure. Also we all know that free hand drawing perfect circles is very difficult, so why not combine a bunch of dots and colors to give your pumpkin some dimension? 

Since this manicure thrives on opposing shades I used a traditional Tedi Black for the base. The rest are a bunch of orange shades to make the pumpkins. I used Catrice Love, peach & harmony, China glaze Home sweet house music, Avon Orange you carry and Zoya Beatrix. I also used Essence stamp me white to make the base. Since I was to lazy to free hand draw pumpkin faces I used the BM-S204 plate. I also couldn't find my dotting tool, so I just used my bobby pin

Step 1: Apply the black base nail polish.
Step 2: Make the white circles as big as you want your pumpkin to be. The point is to use the most opaque white polish you have, so it covers the black base and it gives the orange design a nice glow.
Step 3: Start making random dots with the darkest polish you choose.
Step 4: Make the 2nd round of dots. Their size doesn't matter.
Step 5: Make even more dots on the left over empty spots.
Step 6: Make the glitter dots at the end. I applied them over the rest of the polish since I think glitter is just not used enough in this time of the year :)
Step 7: Stamp on the pumpkin faces or free hand draw them. Don't forget a lot of top coat since dots tend to dry a bit bumpy.

And there you have it! A simple but fun to make Halloween nail art that is appropriate even kid friendly :)

For more Halloween nails or Make up ideas visit Glam - express and discover more! 


31DC2016: Day 30 - Tutorial

This manicure was inspired by the million tutorials I saw while looking for a way to fake a Water marble nail. I bet you noticed that this faux marbled nails are popping all over my blog recently :)

Also I fell into a deep hole of laziness and the Simpsons TV series marathon so I thought donuts would make a great way to commemorate the occasion :)


31DC2016: Day 31 - Honor nails you love

It is time to honor the nail art of someone that inspires you and for me that is a nail artist I found on IG named @WonderfulWolf

She does great nail art mosty inspired by Pokemon and they just enchanted my soul. So I decided to do something fun that could easily be found on her IG feed. It took some time to make them, but I love how these turned out <3 

It is no secret that I am a Pokemon fan since the beginning of the game/anime. And recently my passion for it got refired with the launch of the Pokemon Go app. So I decided to make nail art that connects the 1st generation of pokemon with the newest one and below you can see the two I choose to recreate. 

I choose one of my all time favorite 1st generation Pokemon named Vulpix and it's new reincarnation that will be introduced in the newst Pokemon game. 

For this manicure I used Color club Kismet and Harp on it as base. The colors I used to paint the Aloal Vulpix were OPI Alpine snow, Essence Fall for me, Catrice It's all I can blue and Barry M Blueberry. The original Vulpix was colored in with Catrice  The monkey gets funky, Brit chic, Julep Lexie and Essie Chinhilly.  

In case you don't believe it - I even have a Vulpix toy I got from McDonald's when they had them in Happy Meals :) 

So if you are a Pokemon fan, or you like your nail art a bit more nerdy head on over to @WonderfulWolf on Instagram and show her some love :)


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Earth tones + Leopard

Last challenge - simple parameters - simple nails that turned out very glam and cool looking ... 

OMG!!! IT IS OVER!!! 40 WEEKS OF NAIL ART!!! And I am finished! HAPPY DANCE :)

source: tumblr
 I even managed to like my natural nails at the end :)

For this manicure I used Catrice Eve in bloom, Britt chick and Essence Cookie love to crate the gradient. The spots are made with Essence stamp me! black and QA8 plate. Since gold comes from the earth I decided to use it in the spots, I used Essence A piece of forever. 

Now that I am done I need to find a new challenge that will occupy me for the next year ;)

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