Thursday, September 29, 2016

TUTORIAL: Negative space graphic nails

I am addicted to graphic geometric nails! I love them even more if they feature geometrical bodies - and triangles are one of my favorites. Since negative space manicures are a big hit I decided to attempt to make one. In case you don't follow nail trends all the time - Negative space manicure means the nail art features a space on the nail where you can see the natural nail.

For this manicure you need 3 colors, and I choose some glam glittery ones that are always parts of Fall polish collections. I used Essence Galactic magic for the green base. And Essence Best dressed and Catrice Goldfinger to create the triangles. A striping tape to form a crisp line and gold triangle studs for that something extra. The main star of the story is the plastic sleeve, folks use it for paper storage. Or you can use any stamping nail art mat made especially for creating nail art decals. 

As you can see I created patches made with the purple and gold polishes. The trick is to let it dry completely so you can cut them in any form you want after you rip it off the plastic base. Make sure that you use 2 different colors so they will stand apart from each other when applied together on the nail. 

Step 1: Apply the nail polish on the entire nail on the outside nails. After adding the striping tape on 1/3 part of the nail apply also the same polish.
Step 2: Remove the striping tape and make sure everything is cleaned up by the next step.
Step 3: Apply the triangles on the nails. I mostly added them on the middle of each nail. To stick them on just add a coat of clear polish and add the decal. When the clear polish dries it will act as glue.
Step 4: To apply more triangles just repeat Step 3 until you are happy with the design. I added a gold triangle studs as well since I wanted a fun 3D element in here as well. Don't forget a thick top coat over it all in case the manicure so far dried a bit bumpy due to all the elements applied to the nails. 

This is the finished result and I am loving it! Until now I was not a fan of this negative space trend, but now seeing and wearing it on my nails, I kind off like it <3

Visit Glam - express to see the entire collection of all my nail art I created for them. And while you are there don't forget to check out all the other talented ladies that post their beauty and nail art work. 


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