Tuesday, September 20, 2016

NOTD: Charm bracelet

Every girl owns a charm bracelet - sometimes they are a gift, some are mementos and some are just a display of vanity - but all are pretty! Jewelry is essentially something very feminine and every day part of fashion statements, so I decided to capture that in a single manicure. 

I wanted to make something very lady like, in a classic color scheme - pink, gold and nude. Also the 'charms' I wanted to keep very cute, therefore I used a bow, a heart and star ... And the manicure was very simple to create since all you need to do is apply the nail art chain in a way that it seems continuous over all nails.

I used Essence Dare to kiss as base. Then a gel top coat that was the anchor for all the charms. When I was done applying them I just cured my nails and *VIOLA* a finished manicure that is subtle and eye catching at the same time, while giving off a very soft vibe.

This is a great way to wear bling for any lady that can't wear actual jewelry. If nails like these are made with a good gel polish it will last over the weeks, so you are set and you don't even have to worry about losing your favorite bracelet ;) 

At the same time most make up looks feature metallics and pinks, which means these nails will fit most of beauty looks! 

If you want to see some make up looks that might match these nails visit Glam - express to get some great ideas! :)


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