Sunday, September 18, 2016

Cici & Sisi Ocean 01 Acrylic stamping plate review (31DC2016: Day 18 - Half moon)

This is the last of my Cici & Sisi stamping plates review of the series. Ladies I just can't stop using them! I am addicted to acrylic ... plates! ;) Once more I have a nautical themed plate to review but the time for Summer manicures is over - therefore I wanted to create a manicure that can work all year round. I think this looks very cool :)

The Ocean 01 plate is 95 x 95 x 2 cm in size. It has a white background and the patterns come in blue. The patterns come in 3 sizes. The small ones are all water creatures, that are the approx. size of  1,7 x 0,7 cm. The 4 corner wave patterns are 2 x 1,5 cm. And there there are the 2 beautiful huge designs - a mermaid & octopus - that are 3,5 x 2 cm in size. This plate has everything you need to make an abstract or very specific sea themed nails.  

The plate works great like all the rest. I strongly recommend them to anyone who is a fan of stamping nail art. I was very inspired by the abstract wave patterns so I used them to decorate my nails here. 

A fun inspirational gif, so you can see a bit where my inspiration comes from :) 

source: tumblr

For this part of the challenge I created a half moon look with studs and caviar beads *how appropriate is that since I am reviewing a Ocean themed plate* 
The manicure is created using Avon Mint to be as base. Over it I layered either Catrice Shopping at Bloomingdale's or Essence Flamingo rose. The stamps are made with Cici & Sisi Ocean 01 plate, the polishes I used are BPS Lavender and Purple. 

I highly recommend you visit them since their inventory features a lot of unique plates with patterns like no one else offers! All acrylic plates cost only 5.99$ and you can even get your own costume made stamping plate! How cool is that? 

Visit all the other CICI & SISI web pages to find out more about this brand and get inspired by the nail art featuring their products:


*the items were sent to me for my honest review*

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  1. Love the design on the nails you got from the acrylic stamping plate.


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