Saturday, September 17, 2016

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Red/Yellow/Green + Ikat

I had this gradient and stamp lined up for this part of the challenge. Then I see that it is written Red + Yellow + Green ... Great! *rolls eyes* 

I tried different variations but it all came out looking way to Jamaica looking and that is not the vibe I was going for. Then I decided to use the green shimmer top coat from Essence and it turned out very cool looking and also very tropical <3

For the gradient I used China glaze Daisy know my name, Red-y to rave, UV meant to be. The stamps are made with MoYou London Tropical 18 plate and Essence stamp me!black polish. The green shimmer top coat is Essence My piece of paradise

I hope this manicure still fulfills the parameters of the challenge - I do tend to cheat a lot ;)


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