Wednesday, September 7, 2016

31DC2016: Day 7 - Black & White

Today's nail art is inspired by my BF <3 His recent hobby is collecting all types of receipts with the QR code and scanning them, since that is a type of Lottery with big winnings in the land I am from :) 

I am surrounded by these QR codes all over my house so they were a perfect design for this part of the challenge. Not only that! Now that I am looking at these nails I am realizing the patter is so intricate and fun! How didn't I came up with this idea before? :)

The nails were crazy simple to do! 2 coats of OPI Alpine snow and a stamp made with ND008 plate and BPS Black stamping nail polish. All coated with Catrice Silk matte top coat - *viola* done <3 

Get hypnotized :)

source: tumblr


  1. So neat! Looks just like it too.

  2. Haha! Fantastic idea!
    Have you QR'd the stamp to see if it takes you anywhere?


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