Monday, September 26, 2016

31DC2016: Day 25 - Fashion - LoL manicure: Blood moon Tresh

Recently I am less and less inspired by fashion - no clue why - I partly blame the Kardashians :) So I decided to recreate a geeky fashion. In the game I play League of Legends the champions can get different styles of clothes and I love the 'blood moon' look :)

I was inspired by the blood moon Tresh as you can see from the picture below. The blood moon look is all about demons, red shades and lanterns with a Asian twist. I mean ... I don't even like this champion but I love how this looks <3

So I tried to recreate the cool colors that are on the picture. I wanted to show all the chains and tortured souls that are the weapons he uses. But at the same time I made nails with the same face mask and lantern as he is wearing.

In case you don't believe me - here are the other champions that are also wearing the 'blood moon' look in the game and I bet there are many more to come over the years :) 

For this manicure I used BM - S228, D6, MoYou London Biker 2 and Suki 16 stamping plates. The stamping polishes are Mundo de Unas Red & Dark red, Essence stamp me!white and Barry M Silver foil. The base nail polishes I used are Essence Rebel at heart, Color club Harp on it and Jade Vermelho surreal. 



  1. I really like all the various stamping happening.

  2. I love how you did the skulls and chains. Especially the skulls. Very cool!


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