Saturday, September 24, 2016

31DC2016: Day 24 - Book - Dan Brown The Lost Symbol

I don't care if it is considered lame or whatever, but I am a big Dan Brown fan! Thou I like the book versions of all his stories way better than the movies. The movies are kind off fun to watch - and I do believe Tom Hanks makes a passable Robert Langdon. 

I was inspired by the last book I read by him - The Lost Symbol - I can confidently say that this is my all time fave book by him! 

I adored all his books so far since they all happened mostly in Italy - in cities that I visited. So I didn't think that a book by him set in the USA will appeal to me - and boy was I wrong! Who knew all the fun stories can be spun from the USA history. So much fun to read <3

I got inspired by all the 'freemansons' and 'illuminati' and all the other stuff that is mixed in - all their symbols are so cool looking and mysterious. The picture below is what starts the entire chase in the USA Capitol and I just had to recreate it. I also added some extra infinity occult symbols since the main bad guy is a wizard/magician/warlock - still confused by that. And I added a ton of arrows! Why? Partly it shows the pace of the book - it is like all the others incredibly fast! And at the same time I feel like something connecting to the Native Americans should be mentioned in the book. 

For this manicure I used Orly Mirrorball and Wet n Wild Darkest hour as base. The stamps are made with BM-606 plate and Color club Harp on it to create them. The cool symbols are water decals from BornPretty store. 

Also before I forget to mention it - Dan Browns most recent book just got its movie reincarnation - Inferno. It is a mix of themes I like a lot - the plague, Dantes Inferno, Florence, Apocalypse ... It is not as cool as The Lost symbol, but it will do ;)

Check out the trailer above - it is very intense :)

Stay mystical ...


  1. I am in love with glitter nails! Where did you get this idea from, because silver and black are looking so great with each other. I've seen a lot of designs with glitter ( ) and want to do something like yours.


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