Thursday, September 22, 2016

31DC2016: Day 22 - Song - Galavant

I know everyone will chose a pop song or a classic ballad as their inspiration for this part of the challenge. But I decided to choose the song I listen to everyday since it is my alarm clock theme. It is the theme song from a fun show Galavant <3 

The show is like a mix of The Princess bride, Mamma mia and Robin Hood: Man in thighs. It is a high budget Medieval themed comedy show with amazing musical bits. The songs, actors and singers - OMG the guest stars - are mind blowing. I just watch it and sing along and laugh my ass off. I do so hope they get the GO light for season 3. 

source: tumblr

This is the song I wake up to! It sums up the show and what it is about while showing off its whimsy tone in song. And the song is so catchy and fun <3 

*info on how I created these nails comes in the following days*

I got inspired by the classic Medieval colors that are flown in the banners in the background. Some sexy knights since they are the main characters. Some flames and a crown, since most of the show is about 'the Game of Thrones'. And now a dragon! Yes King Richard *my fave bae from the show as seen below* has a dragon now - not only is he the owner of Excalibur and has unicorns follow him. His sheer faith made a lizard a dragon! And he is played by Timothy Omundson who I adore since the days I was watching Psych <3

Can you feel the love and the optimism from here below <3 

source: tumblr


  1. LOL I have the hardest time waking up to music. My alarm is one of those old-fashioned phone ringing noises since that's the most obnoxious option my phone has. Great choices with the stamps.


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