Wednesday, September 21, 2016

31DC2016: Day 21 - Color

There is no color that inspires me more than BLACK! It is my happy color - my go to color - the color I consider neutral. So when I had a choice I gladly created this nail art. Thou it didn't turn out quite as I pictured in my head ... but who cares they are black nails and that automatically makes them pretty :)

Once more I got inspired by occult patterns and symbols. I adore the combination of pale moon and dark sky. So I tired to capture that look on my nails with a few extras.

source: tumblr
Also I decided to create my own nail polish. I don't do that often since I tired it in the past and failed miserably. But I decided to make this jelly sheer black nail polish and it turned out great. Perfect if you want to create a muddled black gradient look. 

Creating your own nail polish feels like witchcraft <3

source: tumblr
*how the nails were made comes in the following days*

My constant inspiration is also the show American Horror Story: Coven - is anyone else rewatching the show while waiting for Halloween?

source: tumblr
Stay magical!



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