Sunday, September 18, 2016

31DC2016: Day 17 - Glitter

Everyone is making these big statement nail art featuring huge and shiny glitter - but I was in the mood for flakies and neons and witchcraft symbols. So I went with it and I fell in love with my nails - I never want to take this manicure off ever again! <3 <3 <3

Also as I stated in a few previous posts I am obsessed with geometry and crazy 'sacred geomerty' patterns. So I wanted to use patterns that will match the mystic symbols. Somehow I feel like I achieved a good harmony :)

Enjoy a kawaii inspirational gif ... 

source: tumblr

For this manicure I created the gradient using Barry M Blue grape, Yes love W33 and China glaze Violet - vibes. The flakies are from Essence Vegas nights and Finger paints Psychadelic hue. The stamps are made with Essence Stamp me white and Cici & Sisi Geometry 04 plate. The symbols are from a BPS water decal.

source: tumblr

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