Thursday, September 29, 2016

31DC2016: Day 29 - Supernatural

Supernatural prompt requires Supernatural the TV show nails! #nailedit ;)

oIt took me forever to get on board of the Supernatural bandwagon. Then I started watching it and became obsessed and now I am more and more bored by it. The show just got to repetitive and every damn episode is the same :( But as a true fan I keep waiting to show to get cool again . . .

In case you are not a fan - the show is about the Winchester brothers as you can see them below. They travel the USA and kill supernatural beings like ghosts, demons, vampires etc. That is all there is to it! There is always some extra meddling that comes from Angels and Demons and all the other mythological creatures :)

When the show gets very boring at least they both look so hot! So at least they have that working in their favour. 

I wanted to keep my nails grey since the show is a bit bleak and colorless at times. Also I choose a gloomy color since the stories are sometimes very sad. The symbols here are a Angel glyph that banishes angels, A pentagram that they have tattooed to keep the Demons away. Some old text since they always read ridiculous amounts of old books where they found out how to destroy the monster that is chasing them at the time. Also I wanted to add a small little devil since he is always around. The current ruler of hell is Crowley who is a funny character which helps a lot when the show gets a bit long winded. He is always there to crack some inappropriate jokes :)

YAP! This is pretty much how every episode starts. Since the boys pretend to be FBI so they can search the houses for ghosts or demons. And the smell of Sulfur is always a giveaway of some type of evil presence. 

The grey base nail polish is OPI I have a herring problem, the red base is Catrice London town at sundown. The red stamping polish is BPS Red and the black one is BPS Black. The plates I used are MoYou London Gothic 1 & 12 and HD02. 

And yes! Salt is the universal weapon and cure for everything supernatural in the show ... *eyeroll*

Carry on my wayward son ...


31DC2016: Day 28 - Flag

Flags do no inspire me! I do not understand this prompt! But there is a land that inspires me with every fibre of its existence - JAPAN! It is my life long dream to visit there. But their flag is so simple that it just wouldn't be any fun making it! So I choose to create something with a bit of a twist! 

Here is the flag of Japan in case you need some brushing up on your flag knowledge.

I like how this turned out! Simple, colorful and kawaii. Things that match the spirit of the Japanese nation in my opinion.

The nails have a similar color palette as the flag with a bit of extra gold. Then I added a fun happy lucky neko *cat* and some sakura flowers since these 2 things remind me very much of Japan, even more maybe of Anime - which is their export I love the most :)

<3 CUTE <3

For this manicure I used OPI Alpine snow as base. The added colors are China glaze Champagne bubbles and S-he stylezone no. 205. The stamps are made with MoYou London Suki 17 stamping plate and Essence stamp me black stamping nail polish. 


31DC2016: Day 27 - Artwork

I get inspired by the most random things and today that is also the case. I was rewatching one of my all time favorite TV shows - Pushing Daisies and I realized that the show has the most amazing backgrounds and costumes. Not to mention a great story! God I do not know whose wise idea it was to cancel it so soon *sadface* 

Here is a commercial that explains what the show is about and at the same time you can see what I was talking about when I say that the look of the show is magical! <3

I was inspired by the pie maker, flowers, honey and animals that the folks keep in the show. I love how it turned out! <3 

The show is about the pie maker - Lee Pace *my big time crush* a man who can bring back the dead by touching them. But if he touches that person again they will die forever. And he revived his long time love interest - and they are dating but they can never touch ... can you imagine that? Besides owning an adorable pie shop he also helps a local detective with solving crimes since he can always ask the victims who killed them. Doesn't that sound like a fun show?

For this manicure I used Essence Roller coaster and Juicy love as base. The red apples are painted in with Essence Love is in the air. The stamping polishes used are Essence stamp me white and black, also Mundo de Unas Yellow. The stamping plates used are BM-S160, BM-H13, BM-401, YH810.

Yeah the lovely couple keep a dog and a piglet #petgoals

They are just beyond adorable and the dialogs in the show are so fun and dynamic <3 

I added a honey nail since Chuck the girl on the picture keeps bees and makes honey - how cute is she here? Her outfits in the show are to die for! 

 This is a random screen shot from the show - but it shows how detailed is the background and the decoration of the scenery - yummy pies ...


TUTORIAL: Negative space graphic nails

I am addicted to graphic geometric nails! I love them even more if they feature geometrical bodies - and triangles are one of my favorites. Since negative space manicures are a big hit I decided to attempt to make one. In case you don't follow nail trends all the time - Negative space manicure means the nail art features a space on the nail where you can see the natural nail.

For this manicure you need 3 colors, and I choose some glam glittery ones that are always parts of Fall polish collections. I used Essence Galactic magic for the green base. And Essence Best dressed and Catrice Goldfinger to create the triangles. A striping tape to form a crisp line and gold triangle studs for that something extra. The main star of the story is the plastic sleeve, folks use it for paper storage. Or you can use any stamping nail art mat made especially for creating nail art decals. 

As you can see I created patches made with the purple and gold polishes. The trick is to let it dry completely so you can cut them in any form you want after you rip it off the plastic base. Make sure that you use 2 different colors so they will stand apart from each other when applied together on the nail. 

Step 1: Apply the nail polish on the entire nail on the outside nails. After adding the striping tape on 1/3 part of the nail apply also the same polish.
Step 2: Remove the striping tape and make sure everything is cleaned up by the next step.
Step 3: Apply the triangles on the nails. I mostly added them on the middle of each nail. To stick them on just add a coat of clear polish and add the decal. When the clear polish dries it will act as glue.
Step 4: To apply more triangles just repeat Step 3 until you are happy with the design. I added a gold triangle studs as well since I wanted a fun 3D element in here as well. Don't forget a thick top coat over it all in case the manicure so far dried a bit bumpy due to all the elements applied to the nails. 

This is the finished result and I am loving it! Until now I was not a fan of this negative space trend, but now seeing and wearing it on my nails, I kind off like it <3

Visit Glam - express to see the entire collection of all my nail art I created for them. And while you are there don't forget to check out all the other talented ladies that post their beauty and nail art work. 


Monday, September 26, 2016

31DC2016: Day 26 - Pattern - LoL manicure: Zilean the Chronokeeper

Well this didn't turned out as I wanted it - but I am still in love with the nails so much I decided to share it with you all anyways! I was going for a geeky clocks - cogs - time - gradient look but it turned into a bit of a mess. Though I feel like that the patterns that are repetitive are still clear. Since I still love Zilean the guy who inspired this look, I still low key like the manicure :) 

Here you can see him! He is one of the most amazing ' time control ' based champions I have ever seen in a game. He went under a bit of a rework recently which made him only more fun to play. He can reverse or speed up time while throwing big chunks of the huge clock he is wearing on his back. He is what I image from now on when someone says 'Father time'.

I wanted to use the same color scheme as you see in game. Everything is blue, grey and gold. I also added a bunch of cog and clock stamps. Now that I am looking at it, I can't figure out what gives me the weird vibe on this mani.

Just look how full of swag he is - way too much swag for an old dude :)

For the manicure I used MoYou London Gothic 7 and BM-609 plates. The stamping polishes are Models own Chrome gold and Chrome Indigo, also BPS White & black. The base polishes are Catrice Geometric greys, Feel the yacht beat, Essence Love is in the air and Golden rose 101. 

My favorite Zilean in game quote:
'' I feel like I have done this before.''


31DC2016: Day 25 - Fashion - LoL manicure: Blood moon Tresh

Recently I am less and less inspired by fashion - no clue why - I partly blame the Kardashians :) So I decided to recreate a geeky fashion. In the game I play League of Legends the champions can get different styles of clothes and I love the 'blood moon' look :)

I was inspired by the blood moon Tresh as you can see from the picture below. The blood moon look is all about demons, red shades and lanterns with a Asian twist. I mean ... I don't even like this champion but I love how this looks <3

So I tried to recreate the cool colors that are on the picture. I wanted to show all the chains and tortured souls that are the weapons he uses. But at the same time I made nails with the same face mask and lantern as he is wearing.

In case you don't believe me - here are the other champions that are also wearing the 'blood moon' look in the game and I bet there are many more to come over the years :) 

For this manicure I used BM - S228, D6, MoYou London Biker 2 and Suki 16 stamping plates. The stamping polishes are Mundo de Unas Red & Dark red, Essence stamp me!white and Barry M Silver foil. The base nail polishes I used are Essence Rebel at heart, Color club Harp on it and Jade Vermelho surreal. 


Favorite Fall Essie nail polishes

Essie nail polishes are a standard of quality and feature great formulas paired with decent brushes. Their products come in a big variety of colors that to me always seem classic and effortless. Each season they create more colors that are part of the current trends. But my favorite 3 Fall nail polishes by Essie are the ones below and I want to share them with you! <3 

A big plus of being a nail polish hoarder is that you can always find trendy nail polishes in your collection. So don't be surprised if you see some old school colors - I believe that reusing old shades is just as good as buying new dupes. 

Let us begin with the timeless classic - Thigh high. Every girl needs red nails in her life, thou most girls don't go for a shade like this - I always do. I adore the fact this polish is a mix of micro glitters that come in gold, dark red and magenta. They form this deep red beauty before you. For this swatch I applied 2 coats and a top coat. I am just sad since I remembered just now that I should have also made some swatches with a matte top coat. 

Next I have Luxedo. This is one of those goth colors I adore - when you apply it you can see it is something special. It is not black but a very deep, dark bluish purple. But the more coats you apply the darker it gets and it contains pure pigment, no shimmer, dark as the night. For this swatch I used 3 coats, I could have stopped at 2 but I wanted a very dark result. 

The brush is like the other two - flat and thin, the bristles are a bit on the hard side, but I like it a lot since application is very easy and the nail polish is always distributed evenly. 

Lastly here is Chinchilly a unique and hard to photograph grey. Thou I love the fact that Fall is a time for dark colors I need a break from time to time and something like this is perfect. Chinchilly is a mix of beige and grey, it has a little bit of both and is neither at the same time. Once more it is a perfect cream polish with no extra shimmers or glitters. Naturally this was the least opaque of the bunch, it needed 3 very thick coats. 

I hope you liked some oldies - goldies swatches. If you like them or if you like this brand don't forget to visit them on their social media where they always post all their new product announcements.


*the items were sent to me for my honest review*

Saturday, September 24, 2016

31DC2016: Day 24 - Book - Dan Brown The Lost Symbol

I don't care if it is considered lame or whatever, but I am a big Dan Brown fan! Thou I like the book versions of all his stories way better than the movies. The movies are kind off fun to watch - and I do believe Tom Hanks makes a passable Robert Langdon. 

I was inspired by the last book I read by him - The Lost Symbol - I can confidently say that this is my all time fave book by him! 

I adored all his books so far since they all happened mostly in Italy - in cities that I visited. So I didn't think that a book by him set in the USA will appeal to me - and boy was I wrong! Who knew all the fun stories can be spun from the USA history. So much fun to read <3

I got inspired by all the 'freemansons' and 'illuminati' and all the other stuff that is mixed in - all their symbols are so cool looking and mysterious. The picture below is what starts the entire chase in the USA Capitol and I just had to recreate it. I also added some extra infinity occult symbols since the main bad guy is a wizard/magician/warlock - still confused by that. And I added a ton of arrows! Why? Partly it shows the pace of the book - it is like all the others incredibly fast! And at the same time I feel like something connecting to the Native Americans should be mentioned in the book. 

For this manicure I used Orly Mirrorball and Wet n Wild Darkest hour as base. The stamps are made with BM-606 plate and Color club Harp on it to create them. The cool symbols are water decals from BornPretty store. 

Also before I forget to mention it - Dan Browns most recent book just got its movie reincarnation - Inferno. It is a mix of themes I like a lot - the plague, Dantes Inferno, Florence, Apocalypse ... It is not as cool as The Lost symbol, but it will do ;)

Check out the trailer above - it is very intense :)

Stay mystical ...

Friday, September 23, 2016

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Autumn

My Autumn manicure will be inspired by my Summer - but in the most subtle and secretive way. Dark colors and steampunk theme - how can that be a Summer memory?! - pure madness!!! HAHA *mad scientist laugh* listen carefully :D

Most of my Summer consists of 2 parts : Reading novels and listening to dance music if at all possible on a beach. And my biggest influences were the book Android Karenina and this very cool, almost 'old school' video by Nicky Minaj (check it out below) :)

Nicky Minaj in all her Steampunk glory :)

For this manicure I used Essie Luxedo as base. The stamps are made with Kiko Gold & Taupe, Models own Chrome gold, Essence Steel-ing the scene. The stamping plate I used is MoYou London Steampunk 4. 

You didn't expect this explanation for this manicure did you? ;)

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