Saturday, August 6, 2016

TUTORIAL: Pokemon nails

Did you guys also got the PokemonGO fever?! I was a fan since I was child! I got my GameBoy and Pokemon cards with me everywhere and now I am so happy that this entire world is being remade! I decided to create nails that will stick out to everyone who sees me going down the street and ignoring them - they will see by the nails what is up! 

I know a tutorial for pokeballs was made a million time - but damn some of the ladies online like to make it so complicated! Therefore I created the classic Pokemon look but in the easiest way possible! And I added an extra Pikachu nail to make the entire look even more kawaii! <3 

This is a simple nail art to create and at the same time you don't need a lot of supplies to create them. You need a good white polish - OPI Alpine snow. 2 strong primary colors - yellow and red, I choose OPI I can't cope-acabana and OPI Coca cola red. You also need a black nail polish, preferably one with a thin brush and a very opaque formula, I choose Essence black art. Then you also need a simple dotting tool, or a pin or a hair clip, no need to buy one for this simple nerdy nails.

Step 1: Apply base nail polish. White base for the pokeballs and yellow for the Pikachu nail. Make sure the colors are crisp, clear jelly colors without shimmers and glitters, or the magic will soon be gone. 
Step 2: Apply the red on half the nail. No need for any striping tape or anything. If you are afraid the line will be crocked then start at the base of the nail and slowly add little red lines until you are happy. But if the lines still end up off center like mine don't stress out since you will cover them up later. Don't forget to make 2 big red dots on the side of your yellow nail for Pikachu cheeks.
Step 3: Make lines in the middle of your nail, where the white and red parts meet. Once more take your time, maybe make a thin line and then fill it out if you feel like it is not perfect. Also don't forget to make a small triangle for the nose. If you don't feel comfortable with making a triangle, make 3 dots in a shape of a triangle and connect them to form the nose. Than paint in the middle.
Step 4: Make very big dots in the middle of the black line. Also 2 very big dots above the red ones that will form Pikachu eyes.
Step 5: Make a smaller white dot on top of the black one for the pokeball button. Also create 2 dots in the Pikachu eyes, try to make one big and one small one so the eyes get a bit life in them. 

Here are the finished nails and I think they are to die for! They are cute and are conveying the message that you are a big PokeFan! Just in time for all the Comic and Anime conventions! :)

I hope some of you also got the Pokemon fever and will try and make nails like this since they are super easy to make and a great conversation starter when hanging out at a local bar that is also a Pokestop ;) 

Don't forget to visit Glam-express for more make up tutorials inspired by movies and comic books so you can get even more ideas when there will be time to get read for your local nerdy convention ;)



  1. Your Pokemon nails are so cute!

  2. So cute!! And lucky you finding a Pikachu! O_O!

  3. Adorable. I always loved Pikachu! We used to have a Pikachu plushie now I wonder what ever happened to him? Cute nails. I would wear these!

  4. Love your mani, I remember watchin pokemon I liked charmander and jiggly puff xx

  5. I really like your take on the issue. I now have a clear idea on what this matter is all about..


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