Thursday, August 25, 2016

TUTORIAL: Funky back to school nail art

Fall is almost upon us and time to go back to school for some :) Therefore I decided to create a manicure that looks fun and is made with office / school supplies - this is what I came up with and I low key like it!

I have big problems creating huge perfect dots like you can see below. So I created them using the Hole puncher and a plastic sleeve for office paper. And there you go - instant circles of any color you like. This + some dots created the good old fashion way with a dotting tool, you get these silly and happy looking nails. 

For this manicure you need a neutral base, I used Catrice Nude & rude. And 3 bright colors that look completely separate. I used Sinful colors Bananappeal, Barry M Guava and Essence Beautiful lies. You will also need a dotting tool, preferably with 2 different ends. Also a hole punch and a plastic paper sleeve or any other such plastic office supply that will help you with the other part of the tutorial you can check out below. 

So here is the secret to this manicure. You apply the chosen nail polish on the plastic paper sleeve and let it dry. Make sure that the layers are thick and not sheer at all. Then wait for it to dry - sometimes it can take for over an hour. And when it is dry enough to peel it off, make little holes in it with the hole puncher. It is very easy - just like making holes on a piece of paper. And if you miss a bit and make only half circles that is also cool since you can use it still. 

Step 1: Apply base nail polish. 
Step 2: Apply the circles of the 1st color. The best way to do this is to apply them very quickly after applying the base coat since it is still sticky. Or just add a little sheer polish on the spot where you want the dott to be.
Step 3: Apply the 2nd color you choose in the same way. If the dots are not flat it is OK you can fix all that later.
Step 4: Apply the last big circle, maybe even layer them on top of each other. 
Step 5: Make little dots with the color you used as the 1st one, in my case the yellow. Fill up a bit of the empty neutral spaces or even add some dots over the big ones. 
Step 6: Do the same with the 2nd color.
Step 7: Do the same with the 3rd color and use the small dotts to fix all the uneven places of the big dots. Then it is time for a lot of top coat to smooth out all the dots - big and small. 

There you go! Colorful and funky nails made for the Fall season, made with school supplies since I feel like everyone needs a bit of a pick me up in this time of the year :)

Ladies don't forget to visit Glam-express for more Back to school inspirations offered by all the lovely beauty bloggers there.



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