Thursday, August 11, 2016

Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold review

Ladies is there a line or an item that makes you come back to the same brand all the time? I am so blessed that Oriflame  keeps the same Milk & Honey line over the years! The look changes but the scent stays the same. And if at all possible I always get a piece of this line. But now I was lucky enough to get these 2 products from the new incarnation of this collection to review. 

The best part about these products is not only that their scent *that I am obsessed with* stays the same over the years, is that both of the products smell the same. Since it is my pet peeve that things in the same collection smell way too differently. 

Firstly let me introduce The Milk & Honey Shower cream. It is a moisturizing cream mixed in a shower gel that gives instant relief to dry skin. The scent is a bit sweet, with wax like undertones, also some soft floral smells. The mix of it all gives it quite a fresh vibe. The bottle comes in 200 ml and it is amazing since the smell of it lingers on your skin for quite some time after using it <3

Next there is Milk & Honey Creamy soap bar. Thou I am not a big fan of soap bars this one is an exception. Since as said I adore this smell, so I tired it - and it did maybe help a bit with softening of my skin. Here the scent is a bit stronger and pure then the Shower cream. It features a hint of sugar, milk and flowers. It creates a smell that is a mix of sweet and slight sour notes. It comes in 75g sleek soap and it smells so good when you use it - sometimes I am tempted to eat it ;) 

There you have it a review of my fave smelling bath & beauty products for years! Oriflame please never change this line so I can keep buying it into eternity! 

They are a company that sells their products through catalogs and online so anyone can order this <3 In case you are interested in this line or any other visit their WEB PAGE.

But if you like social media more, visit their outlets and you can always keep in touch with their new releases: 


*the items were sent to me for my honest review*


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