Friday, August 26, 2016

Dvorec trebnik Energy mist Review

I stumbled upon the brand Dvorec Trebnik when I was shopping in another Slovenian store Smile concept. I got this Energy mist from them and at first I didn't get it at all - the smell doesn't stay with you long thou it smells nice - then I applied it to my face and hands and I figured out the magic! And there must be magic in this bottle! <3
I wanted to explain what this brand is about - but I saw their mission statement that is so amazing I just had to copy it :)
Dvorec Trebnik offers you a wide variety of natural products and unforgettable pleasures.
In Trebnik Mansion, increasingly attractive and interesting novelties are developed every day. The brand name Dvorec Trebnik covers a couple of lines of products of natural and Slovene origin.  
Thus all of you, who swear by natural products, can satisfy your needs for natural cosmetics, natural home products and natural nutritional treat.
From now on you can also surprise you friends and family by giving them in advanced prepared Dvorec Trebnik gift sets.
The development of products links the past, from where our grandmothers' tested recipes originate, to the future that is reflected by modern shapes, colours and trends.

Here you can see the adorable packaging of their Energy tonic. And trust me their other products look even cooler ;) As it states on the cover it has 0% of mineral oils, synthetic coloring or silicons. It features a lot of aloe and witch hazel that give you that pick me up. It smells fresh, a bit like limes and with hints of soft floral scents. But the best part it is that when the mist hits your skin it gives you a special fresh feeling. It wakes you up! It makes you excited to go about your day and makes you feel like life is full of excitement!

This might not be only be a beauty product - but also a lifestyle item since it must admit it always lifts my mood. 
So ladies (or gentleman - the scent can go either way) if you want to stay fresh and full of excitement throughout the day head on over to Dvorec Trebnik web page and ONLINE STORE. There you can browse through all the other items they offer. And they deliver INTERNATIONALLY! <3 
Also visit their FACEBOOK page to get in touch with all their newest updates!


*this item was sent to me for my honest review*

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