Monday, August 29, 2016

NOTD: Festive Fall gradient

 All new nail polish collections feature dark shades, glitters and shimmers so I decided to rummage a bit in my nail polish stash and found these pretties. Mix in a bit glittery decorations in form of a stamp and there you have it - a Fall manicure that borders on something so festive it might smell a bit of first snow :)

I love making gradients, thou I hate the clean up! Looks like this are more and more difficult for me to attempt. Dark colors - especially the blue shades are notorious to dye your skin and nails - so there is some danger when making dark colored gradients! So ladies be careful when you play with darker shades, or your nails and cuticles will be stained for weeks.

To create this gradient I used Catrice Inner purple of trust, Mint me up and Hip queens wear blue jeans (in the order from cuticle to tip of the nail). The stamp is made with Color club Gingerbread man and Uber chic beauty 8-03 stamping plate.

I love how these look! Find a matching make up look on the page Glam-express.


Friday, August 26, 2016

Dvorec trebnik Energy mist Review

I stumbled upon the brand Dvorec Trebnik when I was shopping in another Slovenian store Smile concept. I got this Energy mist from them and at first I didn't get it at all - the smell doesn't stay with you long thou it smells nice - then I applied it to my face and hands and I figured out the magic! And there must be magic in this bottle! <3
I wanted to explain what this brand is about - but I saw their mission statement that is so amazing I just had to copy it :)
Dvorec Trebnik offers you a wide variety of natural products and unforgettable pleasures.
In Trebnik Mansion, increasingly attractive and interesting novelties are developed every day. The brand name Dvorec Trebnik covers a couple of lines of products of natural and Slovene origin.  
Thus all of you, who swear by natural products, can satisfy your needs for natural cosmetics, natural home products and natural nutritional treat.
From now on you can also surprise you friends and family by giving them in advanced prepared Dvorec Trebnik gift sets.
The development of products links the past, from where our grandmothers' tested recipes originate, to the future that is reflected by modern shapes, colours and trends.

Here you can see the adorable packaging of their Energy tonic. And trust me their other products look even cooler ;) As it states on the cover it has 0% of mineral oils, synthetic coloring or silicons. It features a lot of aloe and witch hazel that give you that pick me up. It smells fresh, a bit like limes and with hints of soft floral scents. But the best part it is that when the mist hits your skin it gives you a special fresh feeling. It wakes you up! It makes you excited to go about your day and makes you feel like life is full of excitement!

This might not be only be a beauty product - but also a lifestyle item since it must admit it always lifts my mood. 
So ladies (or gentleman - the scent can go either way) if you want to stay fresh and full of excitement throughout the day head on over to Dvorec Trebnik web page and ONLINE STORE. There you can browse through all the other items they offer. And they deliver INTERNATIONALLY! <3 
Also visit their FACEBOOK page to get in touch with all their newest updates!


*this item was sent to me for my honest review*

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Inspiration - LoL manicure: Jhin the Virtuoso

*While looking up this post don't forget to play the YouTube clip below, the visuals are stunning and the background music is a perfect match for this manicure*

Games inspire me the most when it comes to nail art - and Jhin is an artist that is driven by a twisted inspiration so this manicure fits the bill.

Jhin is another champion that just recently joined the League of Legends family. I must admit the teasers of him perplexed me for quite some time and I just couldn't figure out what he will be all about. But when he was finally released I was instantly in love. 

Here are my nails that try to capture his artistic essence, thou considering he is a twisted art director he would deem them unworthy of him ;) 

His back story is that he was a art director who turned into a sniper assassin. With his creative sensibilities still a part of him he makes every kill an artwork. To play him is truly amazing since he is full of flourish and drama - OFC nobody is good enough for him. Here you can see his picture below, he is a type of half human and half robot thing *confused*

Here are my nails inspired by him! I created a big flower, since they bloom everywhere when you play him. I tried to create a cute little replica of his mask, I added some fancy guns and a lot of fancy filigree type of patterns that are heavily featured on his outfit. Another reason I love him, since the classic baroque patters are my favourite. 

This is him in game. He is a bit infuriating to play with since he has only 4 bullets to shoot at one time. Then it takes forever for him to recharge and the time of those shoots or recharges never speed up. But you get used to that. Since his favourite number is 4 his ultimate aka strongest attack is a sniper shoot volley of 4 bullets that kill anyone in your sight. And his sight is huge - not many players can escape you when it's curtain call time.

For this manicure I used a lot of stamping plates, namely Blueness 051, MoYou London Biker 2 & Moyra Ornaments 3. The stamping polishes I used are Models own Chrome gold, Essence stamp me!black, Mundo de Unas red. OPI Coca cola red and Essence Do you speak love? for the big flower stamp with OPI as base. OPI I have a herring problem and Essence I got a crush on blue as the gray filigree base with Essence Wild white ways. The mask is made with Essence Wild white ways as base with Essence The dawn is broken. The details are made with Wet N Wild Darkest hour, Models own Chrome gold and China glaze Don't make me wine, that is also a base polish on the pinkie.  

Here is a teaser clip that was released prior to his release, I would never figure out that Jhin is the champion as he is from only this. But it is just such a cool clip and the music is amazing! Worth the watch ;) 

My favourite Jhin in game quotes:
'' In carnage, I bloom ... ''
'' They call me mad. All artists are mad! ''
'' Everyone wears a mask. I chose to create my own.''


source: tumblr

Thursday, August 25, 2016

TUTORIAL: Funky back to school nail art

Fall is almost upon us and time to go back to school for some :) Therefore I decided to create a manicure that looks fun and is made with office / school supplies - this is what I came up with and I low key like it!

I have big problems creating huge perfect dots like you can see below. So I created them using the Hole puncher and a plastic sleeve for office paper. And there you go - instant circles of any color you like. This + some dots created the good old fashion way with a dotting tool, you get these silly and happy looking nails. 

For this manicure you need a neutral base, I used Catrice Nude & rude. And 3 bright colors that look completely separate. I used Sinful colors Bananappeal, Barry M Guava and Essence Beautiful lies. You will also need a dotting tool, preferably with 2 different ends. Also a hole punch and a plastic paper sleeve or any other such plastic office supply that will help you with the other part of the tutorial you can check out below. 

So here is the secret to this manicure. You apply the chosen nail polish on the plastic paper sleeve and let it dry. Make sure that the layers are thick and not sheer at all. Then wait for it to dry - sometimes it can take for over an hour. And when it is dry enough to peel it off, make little holes in it with the hole puncher. It is very easy - just like making holes on a piece of paper. And if you miss a bit and make only half circles that is also cool since you can use it still. 

Step 1: Apply base nail polish. 
Step 2: Apply the circles of the 1st color. The best way to do this is to apply them very quickly after applying the base coat since it is still sticky. Or just add a little sheer polish on the spot where you want the dott to be.
Step 3: Apply the 2nd color you choose in the same way. If the dots are not flat it is OK you can fix all that later.
Step 4: Apply the last big circle, maybe even layer them on top of each other. 
Step 5: Make little dots with the color you used as the 1st one, in my case the yellow. Fill up a bit of the empty neutral spaces or even add some dots over the big ones. 
Step 6: Do the same with the 2nd color.
Step 7: Do the same with the 3rd color and use the small dotts to fix all the uneven places of the big dots. Then it is time for a lot of top coat to smooth out all the dots - big and small. 

There you go! Colorful and funky nails made for the Fall season, made with school supplies since I feel like everyone needs a bit of a pick me up in this time of the year :)

Ladies don't forget to visit Glam-express for more Back to school inspirations offered by all the lovely beauty bloggers there.


Friday, August 19, 2016

TUTORIAL: Negative space neon nails

Last neons of the Summer season so lets make it count!!! I know neons are go-to colors for a lot of ladies since they boost your tan - don't forget that white nail polish does the same. So I made a mix of them all so you can show your tan long into the Fall. I hope you will like this. 

I know it seems like a lot, but this is what you will need for this manicure, trust me it is still a very easy manicure to create. You need a plastic sleeve for office paper. A make up sponge and some extra neon studs. The star of the show are nail vinyls that are a big hit all over the nail art community. The nail polish you need is OPI Alpine snow as the white base. And Kleancolor Neon purple, Kiko 340 and Models own Shades to create all the gradients.

To create these nails the star of the show is this vinyl sticker and its sidekicks the make up sponge and plastic paper sleeve. You add the vinyl on the plastic sleeve and then either apply the negative space nail polish over it - in this case the white one. Or make a grid of the colorful neons and apply them on the vinyl. 

Also don't forger to also apply the mix of the neons on one nail to create an accent nail. After you are done with that remove the vinyl and wait for it to dry a bit. They all dry very fast since all the sponged gradients dry very fast. Then apply some clear top coat over the little triangles. You have to let everything dry - it can take over an hour. When you remove the triangles they will be on a sheet of sheer nail polish, cut them apart and apply them on the nail. 

As you can see after it all dried I cut the triangles apart in rows and add them on the nail. To apply them just add top coat on the base nail polish and it will dry on top. For the accent nail I cut out each of the white triangles and set them on my accent nail. The same way as the others - I used a top coat as glue. Then I added some of the neon studs since I felt these little nails need a bit more color.

There you have it! Last neons of the season - or not - I don't know I must admit I love the WOW factor neons offer so maybe I will make more manicures featuring a bit of a pop of color.

Feel free to visit that place which inspires all my nail art tutorials Glam-express. It is a great source for all things beauty and fashion.


40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Orange + Half & half (One piece: Nami)

Once more I have no clue what the nail art technique called Half and half is. Also I hate the color orange. But by now I have only Nami left on my One piece manicures list and it turns out her color scheme fits perfectly with this part of the challenge. #lucky

This is her! She is the 2nd female crew member in the Straw hat pirates in the anime One piece. She is the boat navigator and treasurer ... And from time to time I feel like she has secret super power that gives her the ability to predict the weather. Also her weapon is created in a way that it can control small portions of the weather - perfect for her occupation.

source: tumblr 

She is the more level headed of the bunch and holds the boys back a lot of times, thou they still end up in trouble at the end. Also her mayor flaw is her greed - a true pirate aspect so you can't hold that against her ;)

As inspiration I used some old maps and compass signs, which are always the symbols of a navigator. I created her own private Jolly Roger. Also since she lived on an Orange orchard, and as you can see from the gif below even had some of the orange trees grow on their pirate ship, I just had to add a cute orange nail.

The orange base is China glaze Home sweet house music, the black base is Wet n Wild Darkest hour. The glitters are Golden rose Carnival 6 and LA Girl Jostle + Claire's Bonjour. The stamping plates used here are MoYou Tropical 8, BP33, MM37, hehe 016. The stamping polishes are BPS Black and white, Barry M Gold foil and Ya Qin An 21. Some of the painted in details are made using LA Girl Love letters and  China glaze UV meant to be

Here you can see how happy she was when she found out that her orange trees can join their voyage :)

source: tumblr

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

NOTD: White marble

The search is over! For years I have been trying to figure out how to create the perfect marble nails. I keep seeing them everywhere but they always involve free hand art and I just don't know how to draw white marble cracks. But as usual I thought out a way on how to make something classic with an unusual technique. And boy oh boy am I proud of this manicure! <3 

This was a lot easier to create then I imagined. No need to free hand draw anything, or use nail stickers. All you need are 3 polishes, a matt top coat and a stamper. The technique is the same as I used when I was creating my Tropical sea nails and you can see the TUTORIAL HERE. All you do is stamp little blobs and this what comes out - how cool is that? :) 

As I said before all you need are 3 polishes. You need a good white polish and my recent go to white is OPI Alpine snow. You use it as base and then as the dominant color when you make the dots on the stamper. A semi sheer gray, I used S-he 333 and a very opaque black polish, I used Yes love 467. When you make blobs on the stamper make the biggest ones the white ones, a few less and smaller ones should be gray and the smallest ones should be black.

When you apply the blobs on the nails they will mix and create the perfect white marble look! After you are done just add some matt top coat and you are done. And the best part is that since white is the dominant color it will bring out your tan. I just can't get enough of these <3 

Feel free to visit the page Glam - express for more forever classic beauty looks :)


BPS Review: Ya Qin Ann no. 16 Stamping nail polish review

It is stamping nail art polish time! I love BornPretty store for offering such a big collection of stamping nail polishes. Thou Ya Qin Ann is not their in house brand it was not disappointed ever before using them. This is the manicure I was inspired to create when I got my paws on this polish.  

I did this manicure in a way that underneath the stamping polish there is a dark and a bright base so you can see at first sight that the Ya Qin Ann #16 can handle any type of base without losing any of its grey shine. 

I must admit I never used any light Grey stamping nail art polish. Therefore I created this stamping challenge - this defines how good the polish is. If it is seen when stamped over a white and black base it means it is of high quality. And for this challenge I used the BornPretty store BP-17 plate. And as you can see the polish had no problems with either of the bases. 

I love the fact that all the images came out crisp no matter on what stamping plate I used it. And it always seems like a dirty light grey shade. I highly recommend you get it since it costs 4.67 $ and you get a whopping 18ml of it, which is a life time supply - TRUST ME ;)

For this manicure I used Yes love W33 neon pink as base. Then I used BM-408 and Bornpretty store Black stamping polish to make the black circles. Over it all I stamped with Ya Qin Ann no.16 and BM-S230 stamping plate. 

So head on over to BornPretty store and get your dose of nail art supplies. And while you are there don't forget to use the discount code below. 
Fell free to follow them on other social media where you can keep up with their daily new additions to their inventory:


*the item was sent to me for my honest review*

Sunday, August 14, 2016

BPS Review: Qgirl - 035 Stamping plate

As we all know by now BornPretty Store is a great source for unique nail art supplies (besides an array of other beauty and house hold items) that are available for a great price. I was lucky enough to be able to review the Qgirl - 035 stamping plate for them. Once more a great item fit for any nail artist no matter how good you are at stamping. 

Here you can see the Qgirl - 035 stamping plate. It features a piece of a big mandala piece filled with hearts and a miniature version of the same pattern. The plate is etched to perfection, meaning it is very simple to use and it works in combination with any stamping polish or stamper. 

I decided to use the small pattern on the plate since my nails were reduced to their natural small shape. As you can see they still fit my nail beds eventhou on the picture above the pattern seems incredibly small. 

Also as you can see the plate works well with the official Bornpretty store stamping nail polishes. For this manicure I used only the Qgirl - 035 and Bornpretty store Black and White stamping nail polishes. 

For the base I created a gradient with China glaze Sun of a peach, UV meant to be and Kleancolor Neon purple. 

So head on over to BornPretty store and get your dose of nail art supplies. And while you are there don't forget to use the discount code below. 

Fell free to follow them on other social media where you can keep up with their daily new additions to their inventory:


*the item was sent to me for my honest review*
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