Wednesday, July 6, 2016

TUTORAIL: Tropical sea nail art

Have you ever seen pictures of the beautiful tropical sea shores? Where the surf is a combination of blue, teal and green? I just adore that effect and color mixture that forms in those tropical areas. I decided to try and recreate it. And I think this turned out great! It is so easy anyone can do it, let me show you! :)

Ahh not another stamping tutorial! Have no fear today we use the stamper only as a tool to create this look. What you need are 3 colors and a stamper. The colors I used are OPI Alpine show, KIKO 389 and Barry M Blueberry. And some top coat since these nails tend to dry a bit textured. 

Here is the trick. You just add blobs of nail polish on your stamper. Make sure you use a stamper that is not too sticky. Each polish should make at least 3 drops on 3 different spots on your stamper. If they mix a bit it is no problem. Then apply them to your nails. If the polishes are very pigmented you will see the result immediately. If not just stamp it on your nail until the pattern is to your liking.  

Step 1: Apply base color, in my case it was the white polish, that was the least pigmented and it always helps with making the other colors pop.
Step 2: Apply the 3 chosen polishes with your stamper. Sometimes you can do it in one coat sometimes you need to stamp over and over again. Don't be afraid of the mess it is always smaller then if you make classic gradient nails.
Step 3: Clean up + top coat since this technique dries a bit textured. 

Here is the finished result and I think it is a tropical dream! But if you know me by now, you will know that this beauty is only the base for some amazing stamping. 

Here is the extra look for you all! I added some fish scales and a pretty sea horse charm, since any tropical sea needs a few creatures to live in. 

The stamps are made with BornPretty store Yellow stamping polish and charm from them. The stamping plate I used was hehe005

I hope you liked this simple tutorial. At the same time don't forget to visit the page Glam express where you can see more of my posts and some cool OOTD posts from other bloggers that will match my nail art.



  1. This looks great! Nice technique :)

  2. The tropical sea manicure looks awesome! I like it both before you stamped and after you stamped too.


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