Thursday, July 21, 2016

CICI & SISI Spring 02 acrylic stamping plate review

Time for another CICI & SISI acrylic stamping plate review, this time with some fresh Summer colors. In case you missed my 1st review of their other such plates you can see it HERE. I had my doubts at first but after the 1st try I was sold and now I can tell you that acrylic stamping plates are just as good as any other metal one. 

This is Spring 02 Acrylic stamping plate with a mix of patterns and their sizes. The plate size is 95 x 95 x 2 mm . The patterns come in 2 full nail sizes, 3 in single small patterns and most of the plate is taken over by a mix of designs. Most designs feature flowers, cats, plants, birds and hearts. 

I used the bottom pattern since I couldn't decide on any of the other patterns that are in the big picture. I love all the small animals and flowers but they just seem to Spring themed for this manicure. The plate was a dream to work with! These acrylic plates are amazing! Just like working with any other plate only the clean up is even easier and you don't end up with a smudged plate! The images are crisp and they pick up on the stamper with great ease. 

For this manicure I used China glaze Glow with the flow, Sun of a peach and Claire's Beach as a mixed base. The stamps are made with Cici & Sisi Spring 02 plate + Essence stamp me! White stamping polish. 

When you are visiting their ONLINE SHOP the lovely CICI & SISI offer a free acrylic plate with every Jumbo set purchase you make. So a great way to get a unique plate like the one featured in this post.

Besides offering an amazing collection of stamping plates and other nail art supplies CICI & SISI are hosting a fun Original plate design contest on their FaceBook page. Meaning anyone can enter and create their own stamping plate! Visit their FB page, read the rules and join in the fun! 

Visit all the other CICI & SISI web pages to find out more about this brand and get inspired by the nail art featuring their products:


*the items were sent to me for my honest review*


  1. Some really nice stamping. So interesting to see an acrylic stamping plate too.

  2. Oh man that looks amazing! <3 I may be borrowing this idea soon. ;)


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