Friday, July 8, 2016

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Pink/Aqua + Fluid lines

Ladies I have no idea what 'fluid lines' mean in the land of nail art. But I am seeing so many amazing nail art on IG with tattoos near the nails and I wanted to give it a go. That still didn't help me enough to get a general idea as what the design should be. But then I saw my MoYou London Gothic 12 plate and remembered all the cool witch themed shows I have been watching and created this nail art.

One of my inspirations was my all time favorite witch show - American Horror story: Coven <3 

I wanted to create a manicure that was all textured nail polish, which fits perfectly to the stamps since some stamps get a bit weird if stamped over 3D polish. Also I was going for a look that makes it seem like the 'fluid lines' are part of the design. 

The 7 wonders are the 7 magic abilities the leader of the Coven in AHS must posses - this gif seemed like fun and like it matches this manicure.

source: tumblr
For this manicure I used China glaze Bump in the night, Bump & grind and Of coarse as base. The stamps are made with MoYou London Gothic 12 plate. The stamping polishes are Essence stamp me!black and white. The lines are my random eyeliners :) 

source: tumblr
OMG I think I bewitched by my own nails! Because I ADORE how this turned out!!! <3 

Here is the opening of another cool witch show Salem - trust me a show that has Marilyn Manson creating the opening and Xena (Lucy Lawless) as the bad guy is worth watching 



  1. Looks awesome! I like that you extended the lines onto your skin too.

  2. Love this! I really love textured polishes and this really showcases them well.


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