Friday, July 29, 2016

NOTD: Origami sea creatures

Most sea side manicures feature cute animals, beach sand and blue colors. I decided to keep all these themes but in a unique way so you can get an idea on how to wear one of a kind and unusual manicures with a Summery feel to it. 

I created a base with the marble technique I showed you in a tutorial HERE. Only one of the colors is blue since like I said I didn't want to use to much of it like in all the other manicures. For the glittery beach sand effect I used a matte golden orange glitter nail polish, since most of the glitters on such manicures are gold toned. And as for the sea creatures I found these Origami sea creatures on a stamping plate, you can also find them in water decal shape at any nail art supply online store. 

For this manicure I used Golden rose Carnival 5 glitter nail polish. The stamps are made with Essence stamp me!black and MoYou London Origami 5 plate. The marble base is made with China glaze At vase value, Violet-vibes and OPI Where did Suzi's man-go? 

In case you are on a hunt for some more traditional nautical nail art you can see it on the web page Glam express or check out my last years NAUTICAL NAILS, SEA CREATURES NAILS or BEACH MANICURE


40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Hippie Festivals + Brooke (One piece)

Festivals and open air concerts or other such things are not my style. Therefore I couldn't get any inspiration from such events. Then I remembered that Brook is the resident musician in Straw hat pirates, he actually had its own hippie festival and a prominent musical career :)

Here you can see him preforming his most known song Binks Sake - I dare you not to cry while listening to it! Also the chorus of the song is YO-HO-HO which is at the same time also his weird laugh that explains the little letters on my nails :)

I also added a bunch of skulls since he is a living skeleton. It's a funny side effect of his abilities. I also stamped music notes over it. And a mandatory cute personal Jolly Roger. The color scheme is inspired by the colors he wore when the rest of the pirates meet him - black & white + purple cane that is hiding a sword. 

Told you he is a hippie :)
source: tumblr
For this manicure I used Sinful colors Wisp as base. The dark purple details are made with Catrice Be my violetine. The stamps are made with Essence stamp me!black and Catrice L'Ombre a saussouci. The stamping plates are hehe 016, hehe 046, m73 and BM411. 

Also his swordsman skills are amazing and he has amazing swag that comes with owning a cane - sword :)
source: tumblr

Saturday, July 23, 2016

NOTD: Greek goddess

It is finally Summer vacation time and most of us European girls love going to the Greek seashore. And the Greek goddess look is common all over Summer fashion magazines, therefore I decided to capture it on my nails. I ended up with these classic glam nails that I just adore. 

I realize it now if I had the straight edge tipped nails they would look even more amazing, but these are also very pretty. I was inspired by their clean marble architecture, with some gold embellishments and a turquoise stone that reminds me of the Mediterranean sea. Also white nail art always makes you look a lot more tan - keep that in mind ;)

For this manicure I used OPI Alpine snow as the pristine white base. The stamps are made with Models Own Chrome gold + Ya Qin An Grey and MoYou London Explorer 18 plate. And a mix of studs from Bornpretty store.

Don't forget to check out the web page Glam express where you can see a ton of other beauty posts by a lot of talented European bloggers. 


40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Nude + Color + Geometric

Is there any better color than glitter on this Earth? And matte rainbow glitters are the best kind of color! So that is what inspired me to make this manicure - than and these adorable triangle stamps <3 

The base of this nail art is OPI You're so Vain-illa. The glitters are Emily de Molly Abstract canvas. The stamps are made with Essence stamp me! black and hehe 056 stamping plate.

How amazing did this turn out?! I am so in love with my nails right now :)


Thursday, July 21, 2016

CICI & SISI Spring 02 acrylic stamping plate review

Time for another CICI & SISI acrylic stamping plate review, this time with some fresh Summer colors. In case you missed my 1st review of their other such plates you can see it HERE. I had my doubts at first but after the 1st try I was sold and now I can tell you that acrylic stamping plates are just as good as any other metal one. 

This is Spring 02 Acrylic stamping plate with a mix of patterns and their sizes. The plate size is 95 x 95 x 2 mm . The patterns come in 2 full nail sizes, 3 in single small patterns and most of the plate is taken over by a mix of designs. Most designs feature flowers, cats, plants, birds and hearts. 

I used the bottom pattern since I couldn't decide on any of the other patterns that are in the big picture. I love all the small animals and flowers but they just seem to Spring themed for this manicure. The plate was a dream to work with! These acrylic plates are amazing! Just like working with any other plate only the clean up is even easier and you don't end up with a smudged plate! The images are crisp and they pick up on the stamper with great ease. 

For this manicure I used China glaze Glow with the flow, Sun of a peach and Claire's Beach as a mixed base. The stamps are made with Cici & Sisi Spring 02 plate + Essence stamp me! White stamping polish. 

When you are visiting their ONLINE SHOP the lovely CICI & SISI offer a free acrylic plate with every Jumbo set purchase you make. So a great way to get a unique plate like the one featured in this post.

Besides offering an amazing collection of stamping plates and other nail art supplies CICI & SISI are hosting a fun Original plate design contest on their FaceBook page. Meaning anyone can enter and create their own stamping plate! Visit their FB page, read the rules and join in the fun! 

Visit all the other CICI & SISI web pages to find out more about this brand and get inspired by the nail art featuring their products:


*the items were sent to me for my honest review*

Monday, July 18, 2016

TUTORIAL: Geometric fire nails

A lot of nail art looks that are created during the Summer are neon based. But I choose today some colors that reflect the heat that is making the season so enjoyable.

I just can't pass up a good glitter combination and Zoya Pixie dusts are great for such nail art. Why? Pixie dusts and most textured polishes have a bit longer drying time which is great when you use striping tape. Therefore I used Kiko Taupe as a neutral base. The glitter polishes I used are Zoya Solange, Beatrix, Destiny and Chyna. The main tool here is striping tape. Also if you are not a fan of textured nails don't forget a big pile of top coat.

Step 1: Apply base nail polish. And make sure it is completely dry by the next step.
Step 2: Create longer striping tape pieces. And apply them on the middle of the nail. No need to put it on the geometric middle. It is just a guideline that will help with further square creations.
Step 3: Each nail has 2 pieces now. So split each of the piece at least once. Or more times, no need to apply them on the stern middle. If the squares are different sized the manicure will look more fun.
Step 4: Apply the 1st glitter nail polish. Make sure the colored squares all not all located on the same part of the nail.
Step 5: Do the same with the 2nd polish.
Step 6: Apply the 3rd polish you choose, still try to add it on such places so it is not to repetitive.
Step 7: Add the last of the polishes.
Step 8: Remove the striping tape. Firstly remove the small tapes then the horizontal long ones.
Step 9: If you don't like the texture effect to much apply a lot of top coat to smooth out the nails.

And this is the finished result. Now these are some spicy nails! They are proof that not all Summer manicures must be neon. I adore how these turned out <3

If you are on the lookout for some neon nail art or some other Summer trends visit the page Glam Express. 


Sunday, July 17, 2016

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Insects

 Insects are gross!!! I don't like them - BLEHH ! I decided to go with the scarab design since that bug was the only that came to mind that does not gross me out too much. At least it was helpful to Aladdin when he was looking for the Cave of Wonders ;)

I love that the Scarab stamps from BM612 plate they look just like the old Egyptian designs. Therefore I decided to go with a oasis and sand dunes inspired background. 

Also look at how cute the little gold studs look - as if the bugs are holding them <3

The base colors are Essence Have a break, Barry M Key lime and China glaze Kalahari kiss. The stamps are made with BPS 6 stamping polish and BM-XL210 plate. The scarabs are made with BM612 plate and Essence stamp me!black stamping polish. 


Friday, July 8, 2016

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Pink/Aqua + Fluid lines

Ladies I have no idea what 'fluid lines' mean in the land of nail art. But I am seeing so many amazing nail art on IG with tattoos near the nails and I wanted to give it a go. That still didn't help me enough to get a general idea as what the design should be. But then I saw my MoYou London Gothic 12 plate and remembered all the cool witch themed shows I have been watching and created this nail art.

One of my inspirations was my all time favorite witch show - American Horror story: Coven <3 

I wanted to create a manicure that was all textured nail polish, which fits perfectly to the stamps since some stamps get a bit weird if stamped over 3D polish. Also I was going for a look that makes it seem like the 'fluid lines' are part of the design. 

The 7 wonders are the 7 magic abilities the leader of the Coven in AHS must posses - this gif seemed like fun and like it matches this manicure.

source: tumblr
For this manicure I used China glaze Bump in the night, Bump & grind and Of coarse as base. The stamps are made with MoYou London Gothic 12 plate. The stamping polishes are Essence stamp me!black and white. The lines are my random eyeliners :) 

source: tumblr
OMG I think I bewitched by my own nails! Because I ADORE how this turned out!!! <3 

Here is the opening of another cool witch show Salem - trust me a show that has Marilyn Manson creating the opening and Xena (Lucy Lawless) as the bad guy is worth watching 


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Aussie Repair Miracle Shampoo and Conditioner review

Any of you who follow me on my other social media you might have noticed my hair never comes in only one color. I color it all the time so trust me I need a Repair miracle! And I got these 2 products by the brand Aussie a while back and I want to share my experience of them with you all. 

Even with all the colors that usually dry out hair, mine still gets greasy extremely fast. But the ends are always dry and splintered. So I need all around help :)  The bottle says it contains macadamia nut oil, jojoba - seed oil and avocado oil, also unfortunately it contains silicons. Therefore I didn't expect much help with my greasy part of the hair but I had high hopes for my dry ends. 

I was enchanted by the smell of both shampoo and conditioner! They smell like bubble gum and childhood dreams ;) Thou the conditioner has a few watermelon undertones. And the smell stays with your hair a while which I love. The shampoo has 300 ml and the conditioner 250 ml of liquid inside which lasted me about 2 months. The bottles have a very cool and spill free top so they are great for travel. These bottles went with me all over Europe.

 I tested this set while my work away in Germany in a very stressful time and this Aussie set relay helped. It wasn't a miracle, but I believe it helped with my problematic hair and made it more manageable. They still got greasy at the roots pretty fast but the ends were easier to work with which is half the battle. And I love the fact that the conditioner helped with me brushing my hair. And after a while of using these I feel like even the greasing process at the roots got a little bit slower.

So for all you who are looking for a fun smelling and quite effective shampoo and conditioner set check out Aussie products. They are a innovative company hailing from Australia with all types of hair products that feature a mix of exotic natural ingredients. For all my Slovenian readers you can get them in all DM stores and Muller stores.

Don't forget to visit their other social media pages - they post a lot of promotional and inspirational posts that seem like so much fun :)


*the items were sent to me for my honest review*

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

TUTORAIL: Tropical sea nail art

Have you ever seen pictures of the beautiful tropical sea shores? Where the surf is a combination of blue, teal and green? I just adore that effect and color mixture that forms in those tropical areas. I decided to try and recreate it. And I think this turned out great! It is so easy anyone can do it, let me show you! :)

Ahh not another stamping tutorial! Have no fear today we use the stamper only as a tool to create this look. What you need are 3 colors and a stamper. The colors I used are OPI Alpine show, KIKO 389 and Barry M Blueberry. And some top coat since these nails tend to dry a bit textured. 

Here is the trick. You just add blobs of nail polish on your stamper. Make sure you use a stamper that is not too sticky. Each polish should make at least 3 drops on 3 different spots on your stamper. If they mix a bit it is no problem. Then apply them to your nails. If the polishes are very pigmented you will see the result immediately. If not just stamp it on your nail until the pattern is to your liking.  

Step 1: Apply base color, in my case it was the white polish, that was the least pigmented and it always helps with making the other colors pop.
Step 2: Apply the 3 chosen polishes with your stamper. Sometimes you can do it in one coat sometimes you need to stamp over and over again. Don't be afraid of the mess it is always smaller then if you make classic gradient nails.
Step 3: Clean up + top coat since this technique dries a bit textured. 

Here is the finished result and I think it is a tropical dream! But if you know me by now, you will know that this beauty is only the base for some amazing stamping. 

Here is the extra look for you all! I added some fish scales and a pretty sea horse charm, since any tropical sea needs a few creatures to live in. 

The stamps are made with BornPretty store Yellow stamping polish and charm from them. The stamping plate I used was hehe005

I hope you liked this simple tutorial. At the same time don't forget to visit the page Glam express where you can see more of my posts and some cool OOTD posts from other bloggers that will match my nail art.


Friday, July 1, 2016

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Holidays/Seaside/Beach + One piece: Franky

*this will be a bit of inappropriate post since Franky is a bit of an Ecchi, discretion is advised*

Beach and Seaside always remind me of Franky from the anime One piece, since when they found him he is a part of a big beach party community. That is why he is always wearing a small speedo and Hawaiian shirts. That was my inspiration this week :)

Here you can see him striking his signature pose. Thou by now he looks way different in the show, and by different I mean way worse so I decided not to show it. I also used his blue tattoos and his personal Jolly roger as inspiration.

source: google

I also created a nail featuring gears since he is a cyborg and the Straw hat pirates in house handy man. Here you can see him shooting laser beams from his nipples - because why not :)

source: tumblr

A big part of his Origins story was him running around his home town naked - I find it adorable :)

source: tumblr
For this manicure I used Kiko 295, Golden rose 101, Catrice Occult and Wet N Wild Darkest hour as base polishes. The stamps are made with hehe 016, hehe 011, BM20 and MoYou London Tropical 18 plates. The stamping polishes are Essence stamp me!black and white, BPS 6 and 10, Mundo de Unas Yellow and Star gazer 232.

I hope you weren't to insulted by this post, but I can't help if I get inspired by the weirdos out there :)

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