Monday, June 13, 2016

Warcraft movie nail art

If you were following my IG account then you perhaps saw that I was at the movie with my nerdy friends watching Warcraft the movie. I even wore my Horde leggings so me and my squad represented the correct colors. And below you can see the nails I wore to the show :)

I will only say this much about the movie - it was better then expected but still incredibly disappointing. I am a big fan of WOW! I played it for years! And what I enjoyed the most were the vibrant races and classes that were offered to play. I was a Tauren Druid - a huge cow that used nature magic to fight. And that is just one of the fun combinations you can get in the game.

But here in the movie we get the most generic 'good guys' race - Humans and the most generic 'bad guys' race - Orcs. LAME! Also the way the movie is shown the Horde Orcs are the bad guys - SERIOUSLY! As a big Horde fan I always saw the Alliance as the bad guys. So the fact that the movie ended the way it did - it left a sour taste in my mouth and heart - lets hope the next movie will be better. 

For the manicure I went simple since my nails are reduced to their natural shape. I created backgrounds that are inspired by the Horde Red and Alliance Blue. Also I stamped their respectable emblems.

The coolest part of the whole Alliance thing is the magic - OMG I can't take the amazingly cool arcane circles that were formed whenever the mages did their thing *swoon* <3

source: tumblr
For this manicure I used Yes love 467 as black base, Star gazer 232 as the silver base. The stamps are made with Mundo de Unas Red and Blue. The plates I used are BM-309 and WB-01.

Here you can see the trailer to the movie to get you in the spirit of things - and maybe to even catch a late show ;)

Just look at this detail on his face! He is majestic - and his sadness translates my sorrow I felt when I realized there will be no tauren in this movie :(

source: tumblr


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