Thursday, June 9, 2016

TUTORIAL: Tiger in the Jungle nail art

Time for another sexy and fun manicure tutorial! I wanted to make a 'Tiger hiding in the jungle' type nail art and I think I nailed it. I made this in a way that anyone who doesn't like making stamping nail art can create it free hand. The magic is created when I applied the tiger stripes and ladies trust me anyone can free hand draw them if you are not feeling up to stamping.

See the full tutorial below :) 

For this manicure you need a few different shades of orange or browns to make a nice multi-layered base. I used p2 Tequila sunrise, Catrice Bricky mouse and Wakiki peach. I recommend you add some glitter polishes since the glitters will shine through later also you will need a make up sponge. I used BM-613 stamping plate and BPS Black nail polish for the tiger details. But feel free to rather use a brush and a black polish. For the crown of the manicure I used some white water decals.

Step 1: Apply the base nail polish.
Step 2: Use the make up sponge and apply the darkest of the nail polish on parts of the nails, the edges are the best since the base polish can shine through.
Step 3: Do the same with the brighter polish or the polish with glitters. It is a great idea to cover both of the polishes so far with this one.
Step 4: Apply the tiger stamps. Or free hand draw them on.
Step 5: After the clean up if you feel like the nails don't need anything extra you are done. 
Step 6: Carefully apply the white tropical leafs on the edges of the nails.
Step 7: Apply even more of the leafs. But make sure that the original design doesn't get hidden under it all. Apply top coat since the entire manicure can look a bit 3D after all the layers are applied. 

Here you can see the nails after Step 5. I think it is pretty but I like some extra white, therefore I did not stop here. 

I hope you enjoyed this. I feel it is a great way to mix some trendy neon polish and glitter, with a classic animal print. If you don't like tigers, by just changing a few colors you can create a manicure featuring a leopard, giraffe or any other such beast.

This tutorial was created for Glam-express, a great page to scroll through and brighten up a cloudy day with all the beauty posts the are featured there. 



  1. Your tiger themed nails look awesome!

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