Sunday, June 5, 2016

TUTORIAL: Glitter mesh nail art

I decided to show you how to make my go-to base for stamping nail art. Or any type of detailed nail art that can cover a base that is a mix of a bunch of nail polishes. I love Zoya Pixie dust nail polishes so I used them as my base for some simple stamping. But if you are not a fan of stamping you can always do some free hand or vinyl or stencil work over it. 

For this manicure you need a white base, to make the colors pop and it saves up on the polish you will use later on. I used Essence Wild white ways. The colors I choose for the mesh base are Zoya Arabella, London, Liberty and Dahlia. You will need a make up sponge or any other sponge that works for you for making gradients, I also used a stamping polish named Star gazer 232 and plate Moyra Ornaments 3 stamping plate. 

The most important part of this manicure is your make up sponge and the placement of the base nail polish on it. Here you can see how I make little spots with each of the polish and then you apply it to your nail as if you were making a normal gradient nails. 

Step 1: Apply base nail polish. It is a great way to make the gradient colors more vibrant and you will use less of those polishes. 
Step 2: Apply the 1st coat of gradients. Expect to need to reapply the nail polishes on the sponge for each nail.
Step 3: Apply the second coat of gradients. 
Step 4: Apply the nail stamps or any other nail art you want.
Step 5: Time for clean up and a lot of top coat since Zoya Pixie dusts are textured polishes so I had to add a couple of coats. 

Here is the end result and it looks magical! I hope the tutorial helped and gave you some inspiration on how to make some special bases for your nail art.

If you are looking for a matching make up look for nails like this check out the page Glam express where a lot of talented make up bloggers are herd at work :)


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