Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Smile Concept Store - Unicorn cup review

Quite a while back I had the opportunity to visit the Smile concept store in middle of Ljubljana. Not only that, I was also able to choose any item from their store to review. I choose this adorable Unicorn cup, since I love having cute things like this around. Also I love the happy and positive message :)

Here you can see the Smile concept store in Ljubljana, the address is Mestni Trg 6. Meaning it is in the center of the city flanked by a few other amazing stores. They have a lot of fun things - so it is not only a great place to shop if you live in Ljubljana, but if you are visiting my lovely home town it is a great store to pick up some souvenirs, since they offer a lot of items made in Slovenia.

Here you can see my cup and some other still in the store. As you can see their products are mostly meant to be funny and whimsical, which makes their inventory perfect if you are looking for party favours or fun gifts. Also they offer a lot of items that are meant as home decoration, personal accessories or kids toys. 

I love my new kawaii Unicorn cup soooooooooooooo much <3 I used it for my coffee and tea for a couple of days. I was quite happy to see that it didn't stain on the inside, and the print didn't come off in the washing machine at all. Also it is microwave friendly, a big plus in my book! But I decided to rather use it as my swatch stick holder. I keep it close to my nail art work station so it motivates me all the time. 

As stated the store carries a lot of handmade Slovenian products. Here is a quick picture of the items that cough my eye in the store. 

The items they sell change a bit with each season, but the mayor theme is always the same. They are supposed to bring happiness to the costumers :)

I have my eye on the unicorn in the back of this picture as well. I mean how cute is it? <3

Not only does Smile concept have a very cool and hip store in the center of Ljubljana, but they also have a great ONLINE STORE that you just have to check out! I created a small wish list to show you some of the items I think are the best on their online store, and you can see where all my money will go ;)

You can get all these items on online - and now you can see first hand the mixed array of items they offer. I need to get a planner that matches my mug, and some temporary tattoos for theSsummer season. Also the nautical themed trays look so vintage, I can just imagine serving some fancy sea food on them <3

Don't forget to check out their other social media pages, where you can see a bunch of inspirational pictures and maybe even catch a neat discount :)



  1. Some adorable things. That cup is so cute.

  2. Aw, it doesn't look like they ship internationally? If they do it's not on their shipping page. :(


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