Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Essence Lights of the Orient Trend collection review

The hype is real! As always Essence Limited edition game is strong! They released this Lights of the orient collection a while back and I finally got around to reviewing it. So by now these items are available in every store that supplies you with your Essence beauty products.

These are the items I got for myself from this collection: Body splash, Highlighter stick, Matt lipstick, Blush and temporary tattoos + the beautiful make up brush. Most of the items I got because they have an unique hue or I don't own any. But the lipstick and the brush I got since they are so pretty I just couldn't resist them. 

Here you can see the the Highlighter stick Golden gate of the orient and you can see the swatch below. It features a bit more of a gold and yellow glow than your average highlighter, with a few glitters that give you a dewy look. The matt lipstick is Belly dancing queen - it is the most red shade in the collection. 

Here you can see the swatches. The highlighter is easy to apply and it blends great. A very fun product - especially if you want to travel. The matte lipstick is an interesting shade, thou it might feature a few more purple undertones that are hard to capture on the picture. I wore it on my night out and I was quite happy with it's longevity - thou it does not match the staying power of a matt lipgloss. 

This is a picture of the blush Princess Jasmin's choice. I don't like blush products at all - they all make me look like a clown that is very hot - since my skin is very fair and any extra color on me feels like it is too much. But this one is perfect for me!

It features 2 colors that are neither red or hot pink - the shades that blushes usually look like on my skin. Here the colors are a mix of mauve and dirty bright pink that can mix and create a shade that fits great on any bronzer base. 

Next I have for you Magic carpet ride temporary tattoos that feature gold and teal shades. I love the geometric - arabian and hippie vibes that these designs put out. And I can see I will use them all up by the end of the Summer since I had my eyes on these since they started showing up on my IG feed. 

I decided to use some of the small parts as part of my nail art. I did a few full posts about it on my IG profile. I wanted to use them on my fingers and part of them on my nails. I just used them as the directions say - apply them where you want them to end up, than make it wet and rub them a bit. After a couple of seconds the tattoos are done. I love how they look! And the metallic shine on them is to die for! 

The last item I have here is the body spray Genie in a bottle - thou it looks like magic in a bottle! The liquid features a lot of gold glitters that are activated when you shake the bottle. And when you spay it the glitters stick on you for a lot of hours even when the scent is gone. And the scent does not linger for long unfortunately - so I think this body spray is perfect for the beach or a Summer festival where you keep applying it though the day and when it is time for some night time fun you are covered in glitter and ready to go ;) 

The scent is quite refreshing - full of Summer flowers and subtle fruit undertones. Thou these scents usually don't come in such fresh package, somehow the smell is not heavy or annoying to wear. Which is good since the product is a body splash and not a perfume. 

So this is my review of the best Summer Trend collection so far by Essence! To go with this bold theme that is full with unusual colors is a great idea in my eyes!
And all my Slovenian readers you can get these items in your local DM-drogeriemarkt, Tuš drogerija or


*all the items were purchased by me*


  1. Kaaaaj, a bleščice ime ta body spray?! Presneto, morem it svojega pogledat :D.
    Jaz sem ugotovila, da če se našpricam ko pridem izpod tuša, lahko kar nekaj časa vonjam na sebi. Ampak še največ časa se vonja v kopalnici, res lepoooo. BTW, krasna manikura!


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