Saturday, June 4, 2016

Essence Juice it! limited edition nail polish review

I just love Essence since their Limited edition collections are always to die for! And Juice it! is no different - but as always when I am on my own I usually don't get all the items since they sell out so fast. *fingers crossed* Some stores will get more of this collection!

But I was lucky enough to get the 3 nail polishes from the collection I wanted ... and lets be honest nail polish is always the best part of any collection.  

Since a lot of the items in this collection are scented I was hoping the polishes will also be scented - unfortunately they are not. But that does not make them any less pretty. Since most Essence polishes are usually quite opaque and offer great cover these here are not the case. They are promoted as jelly polishes which means they are pure pigment and have a very sheer formula. 

Here is Orange is the new black. It was a bit hard to take an accurate photo of it - in real life it has a few more coral attributes and is not so orange hued, and a lot more neon! But I still like it the most in the bunch which is unusual since I am not a fan of these shades. For full opacity I had to apply 4 coats. I recommend to use a white base if you are in a hurry - the same goes for all the other polishes. But the formula is amazing, it has no streaks and the formula gives it the perfect gummy look.  

You're one in a melon is a bubble gum pink or a lighter shade of hot pink. It is a lot more neon in person which makes it hard to take a photo of. Like the others it took 4 coats to get full opacity. It is a great and fun neon for the summer. It is a pure pigmented color meaning there are no shimmers in it. 

I love you cherry much is the last of the 3 polishes I got. After applying the 4 coats for this full opacity swatch the polish dried red. It is the dark 'Coca-cola' red that is almost a bit neon-ish. But in the process of applying it dried dark pink almost fuchsia. So I was surprised at the end of the process to see it dried red. A great color to have since it is a classic shade but great to create any jelly inspired nail art. The shine on all these is amazing - the swatches here are made without any top coat. 

If you are on the look out for a delicious Summer collection by Essence head on over to their official page and find their store near you - they have stores almost all over the World #worlddomination :) 
But if you are one of my Slovenian readers visit Muller, DM-drogerie markt or Tuš drogerija. Or the online store :)


*all the items were purchased by me*

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