Monday, June 6, 2016

Essence Beach house Limited edition collection review

Today I have for you Essence Beach house review - a collection that features everything you need to get ready for the fun in the Sun Summer season! These are the items I was sent to check out and I must admit they are quite fun and useful. And OMG how adorable is the chevron design on it all?! <3

Firstly I have for you a Kabuki brush. It is quite useful when it comes to applying any loose powder type of make up. The bristles are soft and plastic so the clean up is easy. I already own a Kabuki brush by Essence so this one will take it's place when it is time.
The other item is the blush named Give me vitamin sea! Check out the swatches below. 

The blush comes in 3 shades. The lines are made 1st with the bright part, the 2nd with the dark part and the 3rd is a mix of both. The pigmentation is very strong so it is very easy to apply. The consistency is very compact, so no need to worry it will fall apart on any travels. The colors look very pure and lack any shimmer, which is reflected on the swatches. I like that a lot on a blush, I don't like too many glittery elements in basic products like blush. The colors are a combination of light pink, coral and darker pink coral mix shades. 

Next we have Build me a sandcastle eyeshadow. One of the 2 eyeshadows in the collection. And it once more comes in the chevron design that makes it endlessly cute.  The formula is just like the blush, it is quite compact and almost a bit wet. Which should make the application a dream but unfortunately I was quite disappointed by the product.

Here you can see the swatches. The 1st line is the light part of the chevrons, the 2nd is the darker middle color and the 3rd is a mix of the 2 shades. And NO the swatches don't look like that because of my camera that can be a diva sometimes - the eyeshadow just does not feature the strong pigments that the blush did. So just making these swatches was hard and required a few layers. Maybe they are more suitable for someone with other type of skin or with some appropriate base product. The colors are very pretty and a lot more shimmery than the blush thou. They come in a dark beige and a light gold sandy shade. 

On the pictures below there is A summer kinda girl! lipstick. It is one of the 2 lipsticks in the collection. And the idea behind them is that you can mix 2 colors while applying them. Also they are meant to give it you a beach weathered look on the lips.

I did these 2 swatches - you can use it in that way if you apply just a side of the lipstick. And the fatter - darker line is the mix of the dark coral and red shades. The lipstick is quite moisturizing and doesn't dry out the lips which is great for any season. But it is not opaque at all, so I guess it is meant as a top coat or an existing lipstick. Or maybe just as something simple to put on your lips and reuse it after each cocktail on the beach ;)

The last item here is my personal favourite Girl just wanna heave sun beach glow fluid. It is a fun little tube of bronze goodness that everyone can use - especially us who don't like to tan too much :)

As you can see on the the swatches - the little dot is squeezed right out of the bottle, the middle is a thick layer of the creme and the last part is completely blended with the skin. As you can see even thou I am very pale the glitter and bronze pigment that is mixed in, compliments my tone and gives it an extra shine. Like it says on the bottle a great idea it is to mix it with a day creme to make it last longer or to apply it just one the edges of the face or on your neckline. Bonus: It smells like any creme you use for Sun protection so with that smell you can always pretend you tanned. The bottle is quite small I can already tell it will last me only one season ;)

I can't wait until this collection hits the stores so I can also get my claws on some of the nail polishes that are in this collection. But so far I simply feel in love with the kabuki brush and the beach glow fluid that I must get a life time supply of ;)

If you are on the look out for a cute Summer collection by Essence head on over to their official page and find their store near you - they have stores almost all over the World #worlddomination :) 
But if you are one of my Slovenian readers visit Muller, DM-drogerie markt or Tuš drogerija. Or the online store :)


*the items were sent to me for my honest review*

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  1. They look nice and very appropriate for the season too.


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