Friday, June 24, 2016

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Coral/White + Fishbraid

I was in no mood to free hand draw the stripes required for a traditional fish braid manicure. I decided to create the same pattern but with the negative space in the more neutral of the colors - white. The rest is a mixed gradient made with a bunch of coral colors that decided to look super orange come camera time ;(

I don't care that the corals decided to be super orange because I LOVE this look <3 

For this manicure I used Sinful colors Wisp as base. Over it I applied some striping tape. Then I created the mixed gradients with Essence Off to Miami!, Morgan Taylor Don't worry, be brilliant, China glaze More to explore and Home sweet house music

Thou it is a completely abstract I still think this are very cool looking Summer nails :)



  1. Nice fish braid mani. I like the coral and white combination too.

  2. That is so bright and lovely! <3


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