Thursday, June 30, 2016

TUTORIAL: Mandala nail art and knuckle tattoos

More and more I see cool ladies wearing knuckle tattoos and other amazing henna inspired art. But since I can't commit to real tattoos I decided to show you how to make some nail art that compliments some faux finger tattoos.

For this manicure I used a base pink polish since I knew that the glitter I choose has a slight pink base. The chosen base is Catrice Crush on matt. The glitters are by China glaze Point me to the party. I choose this glitter since Summer is time for neons and glitter instantly gives you a fun base to work with. Then I choose MoYou London Mandala 4 plate that has a few similar designs as the ones I wanted to create on my fingers. The stamping polish I used is Essence Stamp me! Black. And for the finger art I used Catrice Zensibility Eyeliner art pen.

I got this fancy eyeliner pen from the recent Catrice Zensibility collection. It is made in such a way that it creates different sized dots. And it is meant as a eyeliner. But I know most of you don't have such things laying around the home. So you can use any type of eyeliner, or maybe just apply the eyeliner liquid to a dotting tool to make the dots. But if you want a more permanent decor use henna colors or any alcohol based pen. And if you are a temporary tattoo fan use those as decor, you can get them just about anywhere now a days. Especially the metallic kind that look amazing on anyone.

Step 1: Apply base nail polish. Make sure it matches the glitter that comes next if it has a sheer jelly base like mine.
Step 2: Apply glitter polish. Use as much coats as you like. 
Step 3: Apply nail stamps. They are optional since you can use any other nail art technique you feel comfortable with.
Step 4: Clean up time!
Step 5: Create finger art. I made 3 dotts on each finger that correspond with the mandala pattern on the nails. I had to make a couple of layers of it due to the formula of the eyeliner tool. 

Here is the finished result. And I admit I fell in love with it. They seem so happy and full of positive vibes. Perfect for any Summer festival.

I relay want to know what you think about this look! I would love to see if any of you wear such nail art.

If you are looking for more classical nail art looks visit Glam express. Don't forget to also check out some of the make up looks that the other talented ladies post online.


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

CICI & SISI Wedding season 02 stamping plate review

Today I have for you a review of CICI & SISI Acrylic stamping plate. Yeah you heard right! They offer acrylic stamping plates which made me a bit sceptical since weird materials in the stamping plates sometimes may be problematic, but this won me over in a heartbeat! And here is the nail art I came up with.

The plate I got is named Wedding season 02. The size of the plate is 95 x 95 x 2 mm in size. The 10 full nail patterns come in sizes approx. 2 x 1,6 cm and you get an extra 4 smaller patterns. They all feature some type of lace, filigree, floral and regal patterns. 

The plate is a bit thicker then a normal steel one and it comes in white, the patters are blue. Also the plate is sheer so you can see the pattern on your nail before it is stamped. The pictures are etched maybe a bit deeper then the usual, they are crisp and simple to work with. The stamping polishes don't discolor the plate and they work great on it. The scraping doesn't damage the plate and the process of picking up a picture is very easy, no matter what combination of stamping polishes and stampers you use. 

For this manicure I choose China glaze Frostbite and Color club Covered in diamonds as base. The stamping polish is Models own Chrome gold

Besides offering an amazing collection of stamping plates and other nail art supplies CICI & SISI are hosting a fun Original plate design contest on their FaceBook page. Meaning anyone can enter and create their own stamping plate! Visit their FB page, read the rules and join in the fun! 

When you are visiting their ONLINE SHOP the lovely CICI & SISI offer a free acrylic plate with every Jumbo set purchase you make. So a great way to get a unique plate like the one featured in this post.

Visit all the other CICI & SISI web pages to find out more about this brand and get inspired by the nail art featuring their products:


*the items were sent to me for my honest review*

IG June Nail art challenge completed!

More and more I turn to Instagram as my favourite social media platform. Those who don't follow me there feel free to start by clicking HERE. There you can see all my nail art and some glimpses into my personal life :)

Today I have for you a recap of the recent Nail art challenge that I took part in - it is organized by Clairestelle8 a very talented UK nail artist. Here are my entries as I posted them thought the month. I will just list the polishes and nail supplies next to the theme :) Enjoy the pictures 

 Day 1 - SQUARES - OPI She's a bad muffuletta, Spare me a french quarter?, Sinful colors Cheshire china, BPS 16 and MoYou London Explorer 18 stamping plate. 

Day 2 - COLORS YOU DON'T USUALLY WEAR - China glaze Ahoj! as base. Details with OPI What wizardry is this?, BPS Black and Color club Beyond for stamping. QA86 stamping plate.

Day 3 - FRUIT - Stamps made with BPS Lavender and MoYou London Tropical 8 stamping plate. The rest of the polishes used are China glaze For Audrey, Sinful colors We're all matte here, Mad matter and OPI Rich girls & po-boys. Top coat is China glaze Matte magic.

Day 4 - PURPLE - Base is Catrice How I matt your mother and Essence North pole princess. The stamps are made with BM-616 plate and Essence stamp me!white. Skull water decals are from LadyQueen beauty.

Day 5 - UNICORN - Base is Tedi Festival. The stamps are made with BPS White and BP-11 stamping plate. The gold unicorns are also from BornPretty store.

Day 6 - CHEVRONS - The base is OPI You're so vain-illa. The stamps are made with OPI Alpine snow and Mundo de Unas neon yellow. The plates I used are MoYou London Holy shapes 3 and BM-423.

Day 7 - BEACH - I used a lot of different stamping plates here - STZ-10, MM37, MM09, BM-401 and BP-33. The stamping polishes are BPS White and Models own Gold chrome. The base polishes are p2 Swimming pool, Catrice Pool party at night, OPI Rich girls and po-boys. 

Day 8 - GLITTER - The base are Zoya Carter, Stevie and Chita. The stamps are made with BPS Purple and Models own Chrome gold. The plate is Moyra Damask drapery. 

This was a very fun challenge for me! My fave to wear was the UNICORN nails <3  Tell me which manicure did you like best? :)


Crocodile wallet from Wayfarer review

I don't own a wallet for each day of the week. When my old one finally gave out I was on the hunt for a new one *pun intended* 

I wanted something affordable, fun and dark. So I stumbled upon a Slovenian online store Wayfarer and was blown away by this 3D crocodile wallet.

The dimensions are 19 x 9 x 2,5 cm.Which makes it perfect for a plastic hoarder like me, that means I carry a lot of club cards and discount cards so I was happy to see it features over 10 slots. It has 3 bigger spaces for money and receipts. And a smaller pocket with a zipper for coins. The outside zipper goes around 3 sides and it is quite sturdy to make sure it doesn't open accidentally and it won't get broken fast. It also has a little gold pendant on the zipper so opening and closing is made easy. 

I simply fell in love with the design!!! Not only is it made out of shiny black artificial leather that has  a faux crocodile skin texture, it also has a 3D crocodile on top! It looks like a half submerged croc is swimming in your money. Also it looks fake enough nobody can bother you with questions about real leather and such ... 

The wallet also comes with a short band you can wrap around your arm and use it as a small clutch. Since there is plenty of space for a small key and a iphone. At the same time the wallet isn't problematic to fit into any purse.

I got the wallet from the web page Wayferer. They send things out quickly and the prices are quite affordable. This wallet was 17,20 €. The page has an eclectic array of fashion items for ladies and gentleman. At the same time they have a physical store in Ljubljana (SLO) where you can always pick up your orders or just see what they offer first hand. They mostly ship just in Slovenija.


*the item was purchased by me*

Sunday, June 26, 2016

NOTD: Cute but deadly

I know it is Summer time but I still have Spring colors on my mind. I decided to create something 'cute but deadly' I tried to make something that looks adorable at first glance but quite different when you look at it up close. And I adore how this manicure turned out! <3

Since stamping is always my go to nail art technique I knew I just need to find a pattern that will make the little studs the focal point of the nails. And I found it on MoYou London Geek mythology 2 stamping plate. 

As base I used Sinful colors Cheshire china and the stamps are made with BPS 16 polish. They both have matte finish so I left it like that. As said before the stamping plate is MoYou London Greek Mythology 2. The studs are from Lady queen mall online store. 

I hope you liked this manicure. Sometimes it is so fun to play with opposites to create an unique look. And if you are looking for more fun beauty posts visit Glam-express.


Friday, June 24, 2016

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Coral/White + Fishbraid

I was in no mood to free hand draw the stripes required for a traditional fish braid manicure. I decided to create the same pattern but with the negative space in the more neutral of the colors - white. The rest is a mixed gradient made with a bunch of coral colors that decided to look super orange come camera time ;(

I don't care that the corals decided to be super orange because I LOVE this look <3 

For this manicure I used Sinful colors Wisp as base. Over it I applied some striping tape. Then I created the mixed gradients with Essence Off to Miami!, Morgan Taylor Don't worry, be brilliant, China glaze More to explore and Home sweet house music

Thou it is a completely abstract I still think this are very cool looking Summer nails :)


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Lady Queen review: JQ-L19 stamping plate

Today I have for you the last of the Lady queen reviews. They have one of the biggest collections of stamping plates online. Visit their page and I bet you can find just about any pattern your heart desires.

Here you can see the plate that boasts 14 big and 7 small patterns. They come in the same sizes as the plates I posted about HERE.

The plate is made with material that is not like the usual round plates. The images seem a bit shallow but that does not create problems. The etchings are clear and sharp which reflects on the finished nail art.

For this manicure I used the same pattern twice. And I layered one over the other which doesn't mean the patterns get lost. The images help enhance each other and give depth to the nail art. 

As base I used Essence Dare to kiss. The stamps are both from plate JQ-L19. The nail polishes I used for stamping are Essie Chinchilly and Mundo de Unas Lavender. I added some 3D nail studs and decorations that you can also order in Lady queen mall.

I hope this review helped. And if you are on the look out for some new and unique patterns on your Stamping plates visit Lady Queen right away, since the plate I showed here comes in a collection full of amazing plates.

And while you are there don't forget to use the 15% OFF code DVLC15 when you are checking out!


*the item was sent to me for my honest review*

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Smile Concept Store - Unicorn cup review

Quite a while back I had the opportunity to visit the Smile concept store in middle of Ljubljana. Not only that, I was also able to choose any item from their store to review. I choose this adorable Unicorn cup, since I love having cute things like this around. Also I love the happy and positive message :)

Here you can see the Smile concept store in Ljubljana, the address is Mestni Trg 6. Meaning it is in the center of the city flanked by a few other amazing stores. They have a lot of fun things - so it is not only a great place to shop if you live in Ljubljana, but if you are visiting my lovely home town it is a great store to pick up some souvenirs, since they offer a lot of items made in Slovenia.

Here you can see my cup and some other still in the store. As you can see their products are mostly meant to be funny and whimsical, which makes their inventory perfect if you are looking for party favours or fun gifts. Also they offer a lot of items that are meant as home decoration, personal accessories or kids toys. 

I love my new kawaii Unicorn cup soooooooooooooo much <3 I used it for my coffee and tea for a couple of days. I was quite happy to see that it didn't stain on the inside, and the print didn't come off in the washing machine at all. Also it is microwave friendly, a big plus in my book! But I decided to rather use it as my swatch stick holder. I keep it close to my nail art work station so it motivates me all the time. 

As stated the store carries a lot of handmade Slovenian products. Here is a quick picture of the items that cough my eye in the store. 

The items they sell change a bit with each season, but the mayor theme is always the same. They are supposed to bring happiness to the costumers :)

I have my eye on the unicorn in the back of this picture as well. I mean how cute is it? <3

Not only does Smile concept have a very cool and hip store in the center of Ljubljana, but they also have a great ONLINE STORE that you just have to check out! I created a small wish list to show you some of the items I think are the best on their online store, and you can see where all my money will go ;)

You can get all these items on online - and now you can see first hand the mixed array of items they offer. I need to get a planner that matches my mug, and some temporary tattoos for theSsummer season. Also the nautical themed trays look so vintage, I can just imagine serving some fancy sea food on them <3

Don't forget to check out their other social media pages, where you can see a bunch of inspirational pictures and maybe even catch a neat discount :)

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