Tuesday, May 10, 2016

TUTORIAL: Holographic dotticure

Sunny days are finally upon us and in this time of the year I wear a lot of holographic polishes since you can always count on the WOW factor of their rainbow in the warm Spring days. Trust me the faces of your friends when they see your nails over a coffee date under the warm Spring sun will be priceless when they see them. And holographic polishes are easy to come by now a days and quite cheap since almost all nail polish brand has a collection of them. But to make such nails pop even more add some nail art with a normal nail polish. The contrast will make them stunning :)

This is a very easy manicure to create and you don't need a lot of nail supplies for it. All you need is a stunning holographic polish, I used Color club Kismet. A strongly pigmented black polish, I used Yes love 467. And a dotting tool that has 2 different sized ends. Or you can use bobby pins or dull pencils. 

Step 1: Apply base polish.
Step 2: Make 3 big dots. Make sure there are even spaces between them, also make sure there is still a lot of space left on the right and left side of the 3 dots.
Step 3: Make 2 dots on the right side of the middle line. Space them far apart from the middle line and make sure they line up with the negative space of the middle dot line.
Step 4: Do the same on the left side of the nails.
Step 5: Make small dots in the middle of the big lines. Make them seem as if each of the big dots gets 2 small ones.
Step 6: Do the same on the left side of the nail. If you placed the dots correctly it will seem like the big dots are bound together by the small ones.

I feel this is a very fun and playful manicure that anyone can attempt to recreate and then brag about it in front of their friends since holographic polishes have such a unique look to them :)

If you need an inspiration for an MOTD or OOTD to match these nails visit the page Glam express for inspiration. 


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  1. Really nice holographic and black dotting manicure this is.


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