Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lady Queen review: BC-04 stamping plate

Time to show you another great stamping plate I got from the web store Lady queen. Here I have a great plate from their new collection of stamping plates full of unique designs that have so many patterns anyone can find something they like. I had the honor of trying out their BC-04 stamping plate. And this is the design I came up with to test it out.

Here you can see the plate called BC-04. It offers 2 rows of full sized nail patterns and a small row of smaller images. All the bigger images come in 19 x 12 mm sizes. Some are lace patterns, some geometric and some with a slight eastern influence, there are also a cute angel and deer pattern and a cool scorpion.

The plate is etched to perfection. Which makes it very simple to work with. If you use a sheer stamper you can place the patterns every way you like. I decided to create decals, and they were easy to make and the pattern came out very crisp. I choose the geometric pattern and tried to create a tribal look. And I love how they turned out!

To create this decal I used Essence stamp me!black and BC-04 plate to make them. Then I painted them in with Sinful colors Wisp, Catrice Bronze deco and Kiko 389

I hope this review helped. And if you are on the look out for some new and unique patterns on your Stamping plates visit Lady Queen right away, since the plate I showed here comes in a collection full of amazing plates.

And while you are there don't forget to use the 15% OFF code DVLC15 when you are checking out!



  1. Love the nails you created using this stamping plate!

  2. Oh my goodness, that's amazing! I thought it was decals!


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