Friday, May 20, 2016

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Music + Super Mario Bros

The other day I did a Yoshi nail art and since then the stupid 'polyfonic' theme song from Super Mario Bros, my 1st Nintendo Game Boy game is stuck in my head. So fine!!! To get it out I decided to create nails inspired by my 1st crush with a mustache Mario - until today I can't but swoon over man with mustache swag ;)

Here is the original theme song that I flashback to all the time :)

I decided to create nails featuring the most important things in game as I remember them. A face of Mario, the dress of Princess Peach the girl he needs to save all the time. A mushroom that always gave you some fun new powers and the ? BOX that gave you a reward or a punishment. All the fun things in game with a fun color scheme :)

source: tumblr

A wallpaper of the expanded Super Mario Bros universe where you can get a bit of a feeling for the creatures in there :)

source: google

For this manicure I used OPI Coca cola red for the reds. The white is Sinful colors Wisp. The yellow is Essence Hello Sunshine. The blues are China glaze So blue without you and UV meant to be. The pinks are Morgan Taylor Pink flame-ingo and S-he stylezone no. 020. The nude is Golden rose 101. The black is Wet N Wild Darkest hour. I am so proud I managed an entire manicure without stamping :)

So who was your childhood crush? Mario, Luigi or Wario? ;)



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