Monday, April 4, 2016

TUTORIAL: Red roses manicure

The last couple of manicures I created were very colorful, therefore I decided to make something more subtle, but fun and feminine. I just adore these nails - who knew that I would like nails featuring flowers? They just seem so whimsical and fun <3

Every nail artist or make up artist owns this fan brush, and it is not something we use on a daily basis. Here is a very simple manicure that can be made using it! So dust off your fan brushes and let us create some fun nails. When you use the right brush the nail art basically creates itself :)

You will need some base colors that are quite neutral. The base polish is Golden rose 101. You will need strongly pigmented black and white polish. A lot of stamping polishes are like that, plus they have the added benefit of drying very fast which is important to create this look. I used Essence stamp me! black and white. To give the nails some extra shine I added Zoya Ziv. If you are feeling adventurous like I did don't forget some big 3D rose charms and green tear shaped gemstones, to create the floral portion of the nail. And the biggest star of the show is a fan brush.

Step 1: Apply base polish. Maybe some peel off latex on the cuticles, since there will be some clean up after you are done.
Step 2: Dip the fan brush in the white polish. Dip only 1/3 of the bristles so only one part of the nail will be covered with the lines. Always make lines both vertically and horizontally.
Step 3: Do the same with the black polish, only create the lines on the opposite sides as the white stripes or they might get covered. Start making the stripes way over the base polish, because the amount of the polish on the brush must be minimal or the stripes will look to solid and the effect won't be the same.
Step 4: Do the same with the gold polish. I chose Zoya Ziv since it is the type of gold that is actually a mix of very small glitter and sheer polish. With that it makes it seem like there is only a small gold dusting over the nails. If you don't want any roses on top this is where you add the top coat and you are done.
Step 5: Add the red roses on the edges of the nail with nail glue.
Step 6: Add the 2 green gemstones to give the roses some leafs.

Here is the result. As you can see from the pictures above (step 4) the nail art also works fine without the roses. Feel free to try this technique, it is very easy to master, all you need is the right fan brush.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and be sure to visit Glam express for more tutorials - also get ready for more nail art featuring whimsical things in the upcoming weeks :)


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  1. The manicure looks great and the tutorial was helpful to see.


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