Wednesday, April 13, 2016

LoL manicure: Aurelion Sol the Star Forger

*Please take time to watch the little YouTube clip below so you can get in the spirit of the manicure - trust me it is amazing!!! *

I get hyped every time a new champion is announced in the game I play - League of Legends ... and I mostly end up disappointed for one reason or another. But this time THE HYPE IS REAL!!! Aurelion Sol the new champion in the League is truly a God! #DRAGONLOVE

I did my best to capture his celestial essence on my nails and I think I nailed it :) 

As you can see from the picture below Aurelion Sol is a dragon made of Galaxies with the power to create stars and control them. When you play him it is truly magical - a visual delicacy <3

I wanted to capture all the universe in these nails just the way they are a part of his essence. So each nail has a different galaxy pattern as base. Then I created all kind of stars - gold ones, falling ones and a star chart that always appears when he dies in game. I also added a fun little dragon stamp just so that the manicure doesn't look too sci-fi :)

Here you can see some shots of him from the game. As you can see he is the perfect combination of fantasy and sci - fi. A design that I feel is very unique and so on point with the recent trends - since you can find a galaxy pattern on everything now a days so why not on a dragon :)

Just look at this beauty! These pictures of his abilities are beyond inspiring <3

For this manicure I used a lot of polishes so I could create the galaxy background. The shades of universe are Wet n Wild Darkest hour, Zoya Ziv, Carter, Beatrix, Carter, Essence Best dressed, China glaze So blue without you and What a pansy.
The stamps are made with MM05, MoYou London Zodiac 01 and Pueen 60 plates. The stamping polishes I used are Essence Stamp me!black, Star gazer 232, Mundo de Unas Lavender, Light blue & Dark blue. 

This is a very cool clip featuring amazing graphics that shows a bit of the dragon and always gets me excited to play more LoL!

My favourite Aurelion Sol in game quotes:
'' The heaves diminish without my attention.''
'' Stars are wonder and love ignited.''


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