Saturday, April 23, 2016

Essence + Catrice Spring nail polish review

Essence and Catrice are without a doubt my favourite cosmetic brands. And twice a year they renew their collections of everything from nail polish to lipsticks. This time I was fortunate to get a piece of the action. I was sent some of the new nail polishes that I bet will be big hits. And while swatching I discovered a few secret perks of owning these *more below* :)

These are the polishes I got - from left to right - Essence Turn up the volume, Bounce bounce, Catrice Robinson Coralsoe and The sky so fly.

First I have for you Essence Turn up the volume. It is a dark reddish pink with a metallic finish. It is a part of a bigger The metals collection. It is a perfect metallic pink that is opaque in one coat, as such polishes should be. It it not too streaky if you are careful when applying it. A great polish for a girl on the go - a girl who likes pink but doesn't want to apply a lot of polish layers. 
And the biggest question that popped in my head when I saw this polish - Does it stamp?! *find out below*

Next I have Catrice Robinson Coralsoe. It is a camera shy polish - a shade that my camera has troubles capturing. It is a dark coral that has red and dark pink undertones. It is just the shade between a light coral and dark reddish pink. It was opaque in 2 coats. And Catrice finally upped their brush game and fixed the bad bristles. Therefore application was very easy.

The Sky so fly was the shade I was most excited about since I am a lover of blues. It is the most romantic periwinkle blue. It has a slight silver shimmer, but it is only seen in the bottle, it does not translate well on the nail. But this shade is the most adorable light sky blue as it says in the name. Also it was opaque in 2 coats, meaning the formula is great!

And a secret BONUS! It is a perfect dupe for Barry M Blueberry. For a lot of us Barry M polishes (that are very pretty) are quite expansive so this Catrice The sky so fly is a perfect dupe. The only difference is the slight silver shimmer in the Catrice polish, but it is so subtle it is practically invisible. 

Each season Essence adds a bunch of new top coats for the upcoming months. As you can see from my Shimmer collection review I did before. This time I have here Bounce bounce the Gummy touch Matte effect top coat. I don't know what I expected from the name - but somehow I expected more since Essence is known for their innovations. This polish is just another matte top coat. Which is not such a bad thing since they almost vanished from our markets. So if you need a top coat that takes away your claws shine this one is great! Quick drying and easy to use. 

And *DRUM ROLL* YES! it does stamp! Essence Turn up the volume is a great stamping polish. As you can see from the photo below it is an amazing stamping polish. Picks up great from the plate and makes a perfect impression even over black nail polish. 

There you have it! A great group of polishes that can get you ready for any Spring occasion. And the best part is their prices are very low but the quality of the products is very high. My kind of brands! So head on over Catrice and Essence web pages and find their nearest store - and believe me there is a store near you that has them since they are a World wide phenomenon <3

I am of buying more of The Metals nail polishes to stamp with :)


*these items were sent to me for my honest review*


  1. Fantastic! We did get The Nudes which had a couple rotate through; hopefully we'll get The Metals, too! *is excited*

  2. You can use any base and top coat you want. :)
    But their new base and top coat from The Gel Nail Polish collection are really amazing. I'm wearing my manicure on a third day already and it still didn't chip, while usually my manicures chip on a second day. :D


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