Friday, April 15, 2016

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Pink + Lilac + Decals (One piece: Nico Robin)

Today it is decals part of the challenge and I am very excited since creating decals or reverse stamping is one of my all time favorite nail art techniques. I wanted to create the cute little book stamps and I think incorporating them into a bigger picture is a great way. It is time to create another One piece themed manicure and Nico Robin fits :)

Here you can see her wanted poster and you can get a sense of how dangerous and mysterious she is. Thou is is not my favorite Straw hat pirate since she is a bit too smug for my taste :)

source: google

For inspiration I used the sakura petals that always swarm around her when she uses her abilities. That are BTW amazing! She can sprout any limbs anywhere and in any amount - it sounds weird but it is amazing <3 Also she wears a lot of sexy and dark clothes hence the lace. Also she reads and gathers a lot of the lost History in the story so books fit when trying to display her symbols. Also on my ring finger I made her personal Jolly Roger decal :)

Here you can see her again - I think this gif shows nicely my inspiration :) 

source: tumblr
For this manicure I used Wet n Wild Darkest hour, Astor Pearly diadem and Yes love 2645 as base. The stamping plates I used are MoYou London Bridal 6, Scholar 2 and hehe 018. I also used Essence Beautiful lies to paint in the cowboy hat. The stamping polishes I used are Essence stamp me!black and white, Ya Qin An 15 and BPS 16. 

I like how this turned out - dark and mysterious I feel like Nico Robin would approve ;)



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