Friday, April 29, 2016

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: 3 Shades of Red/Orange + Dots

Ladies when it comes to soft balls like dots ... I just can't do it! So many more talented ladies out there with flawless dot manicure make me feel bad! So once more I decided to 'cheat a bit' ! Therefore I choose micro dot glitter and round rhinestones as my dots for this part of the challenge. And once more I am amazed at the sexy manicure that was created in the process <3 

As base I used the amazing indie Alanna Renne Ablaze. The stamps are made with Dashica Red and hehe 025 stamping plate. The nail studs are from Born pretty store. 

What do you think? I love to read all your comments <3


Thursday, April 28, 2016

NOTD: Simple matte geometry

Sometimes the simple things have the biggest impact. I wanted to create something matte that has razor sharp lines. Straight lines are notoriously hard to free hand draw and not always do I want to deal with striping tapes. Stamps are always a good way to go.

The best thing about a good matte top coat is that it gives a new personality to all the base nail polishes. Any blue creme looks goood matte and I was surprised how beautiful a metallic gold polish turned out.

For this manicure I used Catrice Trip into the blue as base. The stamps are made with MoYou London Sci-fi 9 plate and Models own Chrome gold. The matte top coat it also by Catrice.

This nail art was made for the lovely group of creative make up artist and nail artists from the group 

Glam express

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Essence + Catrice Spring nail polish review

Essence and Catrice are without a doubt my favourite cosmetic brands. And twice a year they renew their collections of everything from nail polish to lipsticks. This time I was fortunate to get a piece of the action. I was sent some of the new nail polishes that I bet will be big hits. And while swatching I discovered a few secret perks of owning these *more below* :)

These are the polishes I got - from left to right - Essence Turn up the volume, Bounce bounce, Catrice Robinson Coralsoe and The sky so fly.

First I have for you Essence Turn up the volume. It is a dark reddish pink with a metallic finish. It is a part of a bigger The metals collection. It is a perfect metallic pink that is opaque in one coat, as such polishes should be. It it not too streaky if you are careful when applying it. A great polish for a girl on the go - a girl who likes pink but doesn't want to apply a lot of polish layers. 
And the biggest question that popped in my head when I saw this polish - Does it stamp?! *find out below*

Next I have Catrice Robinson Coralsoe. It is a camera shy polish - a shade that my camera has troubles capturing. It is a dark coral that has red and dark pink undertones. It is just the shade between a light coral and dark reddish pink. It was opaque in 2 coats. And Catrice finally upped their brush game and fixed the bad bristles. Therefore application was very easy.

The Sky so fly was the shade I was most excited about since I am a lover of blues. It is the most romantic periwinkle blue. It has a slight silver shimmer, but it is only seen in the bottle, it does not translate well on the nail. But this shade is the most adorable light sky blue as it says in the name. Also it was opaque in 2 coats, meaning the formula is great!

And a secret BONUS! It is a perfect dupe for Barry M Blueberry. For a lot of us Barry M polishes (that are very pretty) are quite expansive so this Catrice The sky so fly is a perfect dupe. The only difference is the slight silver shimmer in the Catrice polish, but it is so subtle it is practically invisible. 

Each season Essence adds a bunch of new top coats for the upcoming months. As you can see from my Shimmer collection review I did before. This time I have here Bounce bounce the Gummy touch Matte effect top coat. I don't know what I expected from the name - but somehow I expected more since Essence is known for their innovations. This polish is just another matte top coat. Which is not such a bad thing since they almost vanished from our markets. So if you need a top coat that takes away your claws shine this one is great! Quick drying and easy to use. 

And *DRUM ROLL* YES! it does stamp! Essence Turn up the volume is a great stamping polish. As you can see from the photo below it is an amazing stamping polish. Picks up great from the plate and makes a perfect impression even over black nail polish. 

There you have it! A great group of polishes that can get you ready for any Spring occasion. And the best part is their prices are very low but the quality of the products is very high. My kind of brands! So head on over Catrice and Essence web pages and find their nearest store - and believe me there is a store near you that has them since they are a World wide phenomenon <3

I am of buying more of The Metals nail polishes to stamp with :)


*these items were sent to me for my honest review*

Friday, April 22, 2016

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Animals + Yoshie

A big part of my childhood were all types of Nintendo games. Super Mario bros, Kirby and Yoshi were some of them that me and my sister played the most. I couldn't decide on what animal to create for this part of the challenge. Therefore I decided to create a kawaii Yoshi inspired nails since he is the most 'animal' like of them all. 

I also wanted to try and create a blobicure and using this technique was so fun and it fits perfectly when it was time to make the colorful Yoshi eggs :) 

source: tumblr
I just can't believe how simple it is to create these blobs - I must retry this soon :)

This is how I remember him - always having to take care of baby Mario *spoiler alert! I was so nostalgic I created a Super Mario nails shortly after - they will be posted later*

source: wiki

For this manicure I used Sinful colors Wisp as the white base and detail polish. The eggs are made with China glaze Kiwi cool-ada, UV meant to be, Daisy know my name. The Yoshi accent nail is made with China glaze Treble maker, Red-y to rave and Wet N Wild Darkest hour

Did any of you also play Nintendo in your childhood? What were your favorite games?


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

NOTD: Broken mirror nail art

Metallic nail polish is a trend that never seems to go away. But I realise it is difficult to wear ... Today I decided to create a look that displays on how to wear a classic metallic nail :)

With my current nail shape I realise they look a bit wild and dangerous, bit if you imagine them with normal tips or a bit shorter you can see they are not that special. Also if you are afraid of to shiny silver nails some simple black nail art is always a great way to go since it can dampen the base color a bit.

The big secret to wearing metallic nails is to invest in the perfect shade. My all time favorite is OPI Push & shove, it comes with a special top coat that makes the foil finish smooth. So a special top coat that comes with the polish is always a good sign. 

For this manicure I used OPI Push and shove as base. The art is made using BM608 stamping plate and Essence stamp me!black nail polish. That is all you need and you have instant broken mirror manicure. If you don't like stamping feel free to hand draw the cracks in the nails for the same effect. 

Don't forget to visit Glam express for more inspirations for nails and make up :)

Monday, April 18, 2016

Lady Queen Review: JQ-L12 Stamping plate

Today I have for you the 1st part of the stamping plate reviews I created using plates from the amazing online store Lady Queen.

They are an online shop that features a lot of nail art supplies, but also a lot of make up, fashion and jewelry items. They were since always a great source for unique stamping plates as you can see from my previous reviews I made for them. So far they were all the small round type - but recently they got a bunch of new collections full of big square plates that feature a lot of different patters.

I got the lovely JQ-L012 plate. This is the sweet little nail art I created since I felt like it is a perfect plate for a cute Spring colored manicure. 

The plate features 14 big patterns, all come in size 20 x 14 cm. There is also a line of smaller designs on the bottom of the plate. Most of the designs smell of romance, they seem very delicate and feminine. The plate also features a few famous icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. 

The plate offers so many designs there is something that can be found for anyone no matter the nail bed size. The plate costs 5,32$ which is a steal since the postage is free. At the same time the plate is great to work with since the quality of the plate helps in creating the nail art. The etchings are a good depth, therefore the picking up of the images is easy if you use the Clear jelly stamper from the same page. 

The pattern I chose needed some extra attention, so I decided to make some decals. With that I made sure that the plate patterns also offer that that possibility. The process of making decals went great since the plate is so simple to work with.

For this manicure I used Catrice Soleil a Solitude as base. The stamping polish is Kiko Sky blue. The decal polishes are OPI Where did Suzi's man go? and Catrice The sky so fly. The plate I used is JQ-L12.

I hope this review helped. And if you are on the look out for some new and unique patterns on your Stamping plates visit Lady Queen right away, since the plate I showed here comes in a collection full of amazing plates.

And while you are there don't forget to use the 15% OFF code DVLC15 when you are checking out!


*the item was sent to me for my honest review*

Friday, April 15, 2016

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Pink + Lilac + Decals (One piece: Nico Robin)

Today it is decals part of the challenge and I am very excited since creating decals or reverse stamping is one of my all time favorite nail art techniques. I wanted to create the cute little book stamps and I think incorporating them into a bigger picture is a great way. It is time to create another One piece themed manicure and Nico Robin fits :)

Here you can see her wanted poster and you can get a sense of how dangerous and mysterious she is. Thou is is not my favorite Straw hat pirate since she is a bit too smug for my taste :)

source: google

For inspiration I used the sakura petals that always swarm around her when she uses her abilities. That are BTW amazing! She can sprout any limbs anywhere and in any amount - it sounds weird but it is amazing <3 Also she wears a lot of sexy and dark clothes hence the lace. Also she reads and gathers a lot of the lost History in the story so books fit when trying to display her symbols. Also on my ring finger I made her personal Jolly Roger decal :)

Here you can see her again - I think this gif shows nicely my inspiration :) 

source: tumblr
For this manicure I used Wet n Wild Darkest hour, Astor Pearly diadem and Yes love 2645 as base. The stamping plates I used are MoYou London Bridal 6, Scholar 2 and hehe 018. I also used Essence Beautiful lies to paint in the cowboy hat. The stamping polishes I used are Essence stamp me!black and white, Ya Qin An 15 and BPS 16. 

I like how this turned out - dark and mysterious I feel like Nico Robin would approve ;)


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

LoL manicure: Aurelion Sol the Star Forger

*Please take time to watch the little YouTube clip below so you can get in the spirit of the manicure - trust me it is amazing!!! *

I get hyped every time a new champion is announced in the game I play - League of Legends ... and I mostly end up disappointed for one reason or another. But this time THE HYPE IS REAL!!! Aurelion Sol the new champion in the League is truly a God! #DRAGONLOVE

I did my best to capture his celestial essence on my nails and I think I nailed it :) 

As you can see from the picture below Aurelion Sol is a dragon made of Galaxies with the power to create stars and control them. When you play him it is truly magical - a visual delicacy <3

I wanted to capture all the universe in these nails just the way they are a part of his essence. So each nail has a different galaxy pattern as base. Then I created all kind of stars - gold ones, falling ones and a star chart that always appears when he dies in game. I also added a fun little dragon stamp just so that the manicure doesn't look too sci-fi :)

Here you can see some shots of him from the game. As you can see he is the perfect combination of fantasy and sci - fi. A design that I feel is very unique and so on point with the recent trends - since you can find a galaxy pattern on everything now a days so why not on a dragon :)

Just look at this beauty! These pictures of his abilities are beyond inspiring <3

For this manicure I used a lot of polishes so I could create the galaxy background. The shades of universe are Wet n Wild Darkest hour, Zoya Ziv, Carter, Beatrix, Carter, Essence Best dressed, China glaze So blue without you and What a pansy.
The stamps are made with MM05, MoYou London Zodiac 01 and Pueen 60 plates. The stamping polishes I used are Essence Stamp me!black, Star gazer 232, Mundo de Unas Lavender, Light blue & Dark blue. 

This is a very cool clip featuring amazing graphics that shows a bit of the dragon and always gets me excited to play more LoL!

My favourite Aurelion Sol in game quotes:
'' The heaves diminish without my attention.''
'' Stars are wonder and love ignited.''


Friday, April 8, 2016

40 Great Nail art Ideas challenge: Kids TV + Gudetama

I must admit I am happy that I was a kid in the 90ies when all I watched was anime and Marvel cartoons. The stuff that passes as cartoons now a days is mostly garbage to me. But the other day I stumbled upon this weirdness and I fell for it - I found my new spirit animal - Gudetama <3 

This is him - being a lazy egg - yeah that is all that is too it and I love him :)
source: tumblr
All he does is slack off ... therefore in his spirit I will say Google it - I am to tired to explain why I find him so kawaii ;)

His mostly uttered ' DON'T CARE ' summons up his attitude as if being an egg is so hard. Can you believe it he is from the same creators as Hello Kitty?

source: FB
He comes in every possible egg shapes in his show. So that was my inspiration - but my favorite is when he just lounges around with his cute little butt. I also tried to create a 3D egg yolk on one of the nails - I kind off like how it turned out :) 

For this manicure I used Catrice Yellow sub-mandarin and China glaze Lemon fizz as base. The nail art is made with Essence stamp me!black and white. I also used Essence Hello sunshine to create the details on the free hand drawn portion of the nails. The little dot stamps are from BP-L013 stamping plate.

Just look at this cute and ridiculous guy - sometimes is good to be a kid and just stare at senseless cartoons - thou this one might not me be very good for kids to watch ;)

source: tumblr
Whatever ... ;)

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