Tuesday, March 8, 2016

TUTORIAL: Simple spring flowers nail art

Spring is coming and that means it is time to wear some flowers and holos on your nails! Personally I am not a fan of floral patterns, but I wanted to give it a go since I decided on a very abstract pattern. Also I wanted to create a manicure that features contrasting finishes such as the simple creme and holos. I like how this turned out - and trust me it is very easy :) 

For this manicure you will need a base polish that is bright and a creme - meaning it is a pure color polish, it does not feature any glitters or shimmers. I used China glaze More to explore. The other details I created using holographic polishes such as China glaze Not in this Galaxy and Catrice Plum me up scotty. Holos are perfect for this time of the year since they shine with their amazing rainbow colors under the sun. The other items you need is a dotting tool (or an old bobby pin) and striping tape, which is optional.

Step 1: Apply base polish. Make sure it is all dried up by the next step. 
Step 2: Apply striping tape. This part if optional if you feel like you can make perfect lines or if you will make so many flowers that the lines won't be seen.
Step 3: Apply the 2nd polish.
Step 4: Remove the striping tape as soon as possible and do any clean up around the cuticles.
Step 5: Make dots on the part of the nail you want the flowers. Make them big, but get ready to redo them at the end.
Step 6: Make 3 dots on either side of the middle dot with the base polish color.
Step 7: Also make 3 other dots on the other side with the holographic base polish. Then make 6 dots around the dott on the outside nails. 
Step 8: Redo the middle dotts on the flowers since sometimes the petals smudge the dotts you started with.

This is very simple nail art and very fun to make. When you are finished don't forget to stay outside on the sun and brag about the amazing tiny rainbows that are reflected on your holographic nails ;)

Don't forget to visit Glam-express to find a matching make up look to these nails, since this is a great page to find all kinds of beauty tutorials. 



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