Sunday, March 27, 2016

TUTORIAL: Broken Easter eggs manicure

Happy Easter! Rarely does my nail shape match the time of the year. Finally stars have aligned and I can sport these broken Easter eggs nails I've been dying to create. Also I wondered how it would look like to match some neons and pastels. I must admit I like how they turned out! So here is a step by step on how to make them so you can be ready for the Holidays :)

What you need are 4 pastel colors and 4 neons of the same color. I choose China glaze Lemon fizz, Glow with the flow, Daisy know my name, DJ Blue my mind, Treble maker, Essence Fall for me, hola guapa! and Grunge me tender. To make the splatter pattern that usually occurs on painted eggs you will need a straw. Also a dotting tool and a black precision polish, I choose LA Girl Art deco Black

I realise that creating the splatter effect might seem difficult - but trust me it is not! I recommend that before attempting this nail art practice a bit over some paper so you get a feeling on the mechanics of the process.  

Step 1: Apply pastel nail polish as base. 
Step 2: Dip the straw into the corresponding neon nail polish. Then quickly hold it over you nail and blow fast and strong blows so the splatter lands on the nail. You should hold the straw about an inch above the nail. Be prepared for a lot of clean up. Apply some top coat since the splatter can dry quite 3D.
Step 3: Create some small black dots, that will be the high and low points of the cracked eggs.
Step 4: Connect the dots.
Step 5: Paint in the top portion of the nail.
Step 6: Redraw the lines so they will look more crisp.
Step 7: Apply a lot of top coat so the nails are all even since a lot of this nail art can dry very textured. 

How fun are these nails? Also if you look hard enough they might even double as spring tulip flowers nail art ;) 

This post as created for the lovely page Glam-express which is a great spot for all beauty bloggers to swap their work :)



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