Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday stamping: Night sky

I haven't done a Sunday Stamping challenge in such a long time ... Then I saw that today's theme is Night sky and I just had to join in! :)

I wanted to do something abstract, gloomy and romantic looking so this is what I came up with ... 

source: tumblr
I like and hate how it turned out ... I like the colors and the subtle shimmers & glitters. So gothic and sad looking ... But I do not like my stupid nail shape - natural nails are the worst! But I had to give them a break for a while ;(

These tumblr gifs are all so pretty <3 I could just stare at them all day long <3

source: tumblr
For this manicure I used Wet N Wild Darkest hour as base, over it I added Essence Crush on you to give it the deep blue shimmer. The glitters are Wynie 812 that I only added on the tips of my nails. The stamps are made with MoYou London Time traveller Back to the 20s 4 plate and Essence stamp me!black polish.

source: tumblr
This is a great way to end the Sunday - a great pallet cleanser for all the fun and bright nail art coming this week :)


1 comment:

  1. Its pretty and totally resembles the night sky in that picture.


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